The benefits of using oil consistently for shaving

The first time i shaved my head was back in 1998, I started off using barbasol shaving cream and a single blade disposable razor, One word OUCH!!!!!!!!!. I had lots of scrapes, cuts, razor burn, sun burn, smack’s, bumps and bruises to my head over the years. After a couple of years of shaving i found Head Blade and have used the Head slick since then. I have always used moisturizer from day one because of dry scalp, it gets rather flaky if I don’t. I’ve used multiple moisturizers and I’m pretty content with the moisturizer I use now. A couple of years ago I started exfoliating my scalp with good results, in general my scalp feels much smoother and cleaner on a daily basis.

My scalp is easily subject to razor burn, I’ve tried Sly Bald Guys (SBG) 30 day challenge. If you are unaware of Sly Bald Guys and the 30 day challenge you should check their website out. I visit their website all the time, there is a wealth of knowledge all bald related that is sure to help even the most seasoned bald guy with any problems he might have related to being Bald. I was on SBG’s website a couple of months ago and a couple of the guys were talking about using shave oil when shaving their head. I didn’t think too much about it, I made a couple of comments and asked some question about what their favorite brand was and that was it. A couple of days later I visited SBG’s website again and read some more comments regarding shave oil and that it greatly reduces razor burn. Naturally I became interested because razor burn is very uncomfortable. I decided to give it a try to see if I liked it or not, and if it was going to hold a new spot in my shaving routine. I read a lot of good reviews about Somersets shave oil so I decided I’d start there.
Somersets shave oil depending on how you purchase it ranges in price from between 5-8$ buying online or in a local store. I buy somersets from my local Walgreen and its 5-7$. It comes in a small bottle but you only need a couple of drops to get the job done, so it lasts for a while, a little does go along way. A couple of drops in your palm with a little water added to it and your well on your way to smooth comfortable shave that will make you say “I wish I would have done this sooner”. Somersets has a combination of natural oils that moistens your scalp and gives you that extra glide you need to help prevent any razor burn you might get from shaving your dome on a daily basis.

For me Somersets works best if applied before Head slick. The combination of the two products works well together, and i get best results if repeated on a daily basis. I can honestly say that since I’ve started using Somersets with head slick I haven’t had a problem with razor burn, the combination works well together so why change it? Dont get me wrong changing it up is always a good way to keep youre shaving routine fresh, but, why fix it if it isn’t broken?
There is a benefit to using shave oil everyday. The natural oils in Somersets shave oil acts as a moisturizer as well. My scalp still has a smooth feeling to it even when I have stubble. The moisturizing element to somersets drastically helps prevent razor burn creating a very smooth shave that gives your Dome of steel a nice glow.
Somersets is not the only oil I use consistently on a daily basis. Domecare solutions is a line of products created specifically for guys that shave their heads. I have had the luxury of trying their products out and I must say they have a great product. In fact I use the anti-aging serum 5-6 days a week and consider it a staple to my shaving routine. The anti-aging serum is the only product that I have used that gives my dome the smoothness that you can’t get from a moisturizer. The secret is in the buff so to speak. After im done shaving and exfoliating I rinse my newly shaved dome off really well and pat it dry. i put three pumps of anti-aging formula in the palm of my hand and lightly apply it all over my head on my finger tips through patting, then i rub it all in very well until my head is a little warm, youre scalp will probably have a light tacky feeling. I then do all the other stuff, brushing teeth etc, etc, etc. At the very end I take a dry towel and rub my head with a little pressure like your buffing your head. This is where domecare really shines! your left with an ultra smooth dome that has a non greasy feeling but is as smooth as silk. The price on the anti-aging serum might seem like a little high but trust me, I have had the same bottle since christmas and i still have some left. The benefit and results far outweigh the price and 3 pumps is more than enough to achieve that awesome shine and smoothness your dome deserves!

Exfoliation is another critical aspect to a shaving routine if you want to be successful in achieving that smooth and shiny dome. I’ve discovered that exfoliating every before and after you shave helps the shaving oil and oil used as a moisturizer in my case Domecare to really help give you that shine you want. Why is that? you ask, you’re body sheds over a million skin cells every 24 hours. exfoliating before shaving helps scrub some of that away giving you a smoother shave decreasing the chances of razor burn. Then I exfoliate the second time after i shave and then apply Domecare or some other oil for moisturizing. What I’ve discovered is that my dome feels smoother with the extra exfoliation before shaving. Like ive said before variety is the spice of life especially when it comes to the shaving products you use. if you’re shaving routine become bland and boring you always have the option of changing it up and keeping it fresh, but if it’s not broken don’t fix it. There are a lot of websites you can visit for product reviews if you have questions about a certain product. SBG’s website does product reviews as well, there are a lot of members that can point you in the right direction, you can follow my #shavingtipoftheday hashtag for shaving tips as well. So remember Live life beautifully live life Bald and keep it smooth because you’re living the Bald lifestyle



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