Cremo Cream Cooling Shave Cream with All-In-One face lotion with SPF 20

Get cooled with cremo cream and protect your skin from the sun! It’s always exciting to me when companies put out new products. Especially shaving products from a company that you know and love. When a company that makes products that you like develops new products you have to wonder and ask yourself, will these products be better than their other products? or you may … Continue reading Cremo Cream Cooling Shave Cream with All-In-One face lotion with SPF 20

DreadNought shaving

A great shaving experience for a man with or without a beard from DreadNought!   I’m always on the look out for that one new product that can dispose of the hair on my dome and leave it as smooth and shiny as it is now. Unfortunately, there is no such shaving product yet to my knowledge. You could try Nair, although I wouldn’t suggest it. … Continue reading DreadNought shaving

eShave Shave Soap

Get a great shave with eShave was founded in 1996 and quickly established itself as the premier manufacturer of men’s shaving supplies. I found eShave on a website that sells various shaving supplies from shaving cream to shaving brushes. I initially found eShave interesting because of the green and black color scheme with white lettering. I don’t suggest picking a shaving solution solely based on packaging, but … Continue reading eShave Shave Soap

St. James of London

A classy shave is what St. James of London gives you! established in 1953 is a website that sells mens shaving products. There are many websites out there today that sell the same products but not every product is made from the same mold. St. James of London is a company that strives to provide a classy shave at a great price and … Continue reading St. James of London

The Smooth Shave Gel

 Staying smooth with Smooth Shave!   Im always on the hunt for new products to try because I love being an everyday shaver with a smooth shiny Dome. I found @Thesmoothshave shave gel while searching online for shaving cream  and went directly to their website The website is very thorough about their 3 in 1 shave, after shave and skin conditioner product and how to use it. … Continue reading The Smooth Shave Gel