SoapCommander week 5 summary

SoapCommander   The week five out of the six weeks with SoapCommander went as usual. Each day was complete with a smooth comfortable shave with a great thick and creamy lather. Each lather had a great cushion and slickness that provided a great shave every time. I focused on two things in week five of my six weeks with SoapCommander. The first out of the … Continue reading SoapCommander week 5 summary

SoapCommander week 6 summary

SoapCommander Final Week   In week six of the six-week shave the project with SoapCommander I wanted to focus on a great shave every day and focused on the elements that can make that great shave every day happen. I Bloomed my designated shave soap from SoapCommander every day as well as kept the lather warm from start to finish for the entire shave. I … Continue reading SoapCommander week 6 summary