SoapCommander 6 week shave project introduction

Six weeks with SoapCommander!   I had the privilege a couple of months ago to review some shave soap from soapcommander. I knew right away that SoapCommander would be a shave soap that I wanted to continue using because of the over abundance of lather the soap produces with very little product needed. I also had no razor burn what so ever during my short … Continue reading SoapCommander 6 week shave project introduction

SoapCommander week one summary

My first week with the Commander   Starting off my first week out of the six weeks with SoapCommander I couldn’t decide which scent to use. I decided to try a different fragrance every day. I had four fragrances to choose from. Vision, Respect, Endurance and Confidence. Are you seeing a hidden message here? These four fragrances also represent four characteristic traits that help any … Continue reading SoapCommander week one summary

SoapCommander Week Two Summary

My second week with the Commander   I decided the first couple of weeks of my six weeks with soapcommander would be the daily use all four soaps Endurance, Confidence, Vision and Respect. I gave a lot of thought to whether I wanted to focus more on one soap per week, or, a combination of all four soaps combined in a week. My decision was … Continue reading SoapCommander Week Two Summary

SoapCommander week three summary

The Commander week three     The third week of my six-week review with SoapCommander marked the ending of using all four scents in one week. The fourth, fifth and sixth week I will be concentrating on one scent for the whole week. The third week went as usual with a great shave every night with each scent of SoapCommander. The Vision, Respect, Endurance and … Continue reading SoapCommander week three summary

SoapCommander Week Four Summary

The Commander week four   In the past three weeks I shaved with all four scents of SoapCommander shave soap. The “Vision, Respect, Confidence and Endurance” all performed the same with great outcomes. The consistency and abundance of lather along with the fantastic cushion as well as the increased slickness makes shaving with SoapCommander a smooth and comfortable experience whether you’re an everyday shaver or … Continue reading SoapCommander Week Four Summary