Elvado shave project introduction

Elvado Classic Shave for Men   Elvado is a company that has been around for a while now. Elvado classic shaving brush soap has had more than a couple of great reviews to read regarding their Bio-pure vegan shave soap and aftershave shaving products. Elvado is a natural solution to shaving compared to some of the other shaving products that are less than natural. Elvado … Continue reading Elvado shave project introduction

Elvado week one summary

Elvado classic shave for men   Elvado classic shave for men is Bio-Pure vegan classic shaving brush soap. Elvado has a reputation for abundant lather and a classic shave with big comfort. Naturally I decided that my next six-week shave project would be with Elvado classic shave for men. Elvado Bio-Pure Vegan Classic Shaving Brush Soap comes in three kinds, Fragrance free, West Indies Bay … Continue reading Elvado week one summary

Elvado week two summary

Elvado Classic Shave Brush Soap   The second week with Elvado Classic Shaving brush soap was just as pleasant as the first week. During the second week I focused more on noticing good or bad effects from daily use of Elvado shaving products. Other than a couple of small spots of razor burn the results were good. The razor burn could be from just shaving … Continue reading Elvado week two summary

Elvado week three summary

Elvado Classic Shaving Brush Soap   This marks the ending of week three out of six weeks with Elvado Classic shave Brush Soap. It’s been three weeks of great shave every night, my Dome and face have an overall smoothness that lasts from sun up to sun down. So far, Every shave with Elvado has been close and comfortable no matter what scent I have … Continue reading Elvado week three summary