WolfPac Shaving Soap

Get a mentholated shave with Ice Pac   I love shave soap, hard or soft I love them all.┬áMenthol has got to be one of my favorite all time soaps for shaving. I also know that menthol can be a hot topic around the wet shaving table these days. There seems to be a love hate relationship with mentholated soaps. Some wet shavers like it … Continue reading WolfPac Shaving Soap

Mens Soap Company ‘Everest’

Men’s Soap Company ‘Everest’ With Lavender   Last year I did a product review for Menssoapco.com you can read my review here. I really liked his soap and what it had to offer. A lot of lather with an over the top slickness that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. Menssoapco.com is a newer company and with only two soaps available at this point he … Continue reading Mens Soap Company ‘Everest’

Green Country Razor soap

Get a great country shave with Green Country Razors Citrus Blast!   We as consumers spend so much money every year buying products. Lets face it, we like to buy stuff and spend lots of money on stuff. We are also creatures of habit and stay within our comfort zone. Every now and then we breach┬áthat comfort zone and sometimes discover that there are other … Continue reading Green Country Razor soap

Viking Shave Soap

Get a smooth shave with Viking Soap!   Contrary to popular belief Vikings were not all big and smelly. After doing some research that’s just simply not the case. In fact Vikings were known to have types of nail clippers, tweezers, utensils to clean their ears and razors for shaving. Vikings also took baths on a weekly basis. This tells me that they were big … Continue reading Viking Shave Soap