Avitas Grooming Club

Shaving just got natural with Avitas!   When you think about skin care, what are your first thoughts? Is skin care a priority when it comes to your shaving routine? I think skin care is becoming more important to men especially when it comes to shaving and how their skin feels afterwards. I also think that there is a percentage of men that want to … Continue reading Avitas Grooming Club

Chisel Shave Club

Get a Chiseled  Face with the Chisel shave Club!   It’s becoming apparent to me the importance of subscription shaving kits. The importance compared to accessibility and the time-saving components are enough to make a monthly subscription shave box service make sense. A monthly shave box means several things. It means no more time spent visiting the shave isle at the grocery store. It also means a monthly … Continue reading Chisel Shave Club

Eshave-Orange Sandalwood

Orange Sandalwood   I published a review a while back on the White Tea pre-shave oil, shaving cream and aftershave products from Eshave. I really enjoyed shaving with their products on a daily basis. So I thought to myself why not revisit Eshave again and try a new scent from their fantastic line of shaving products. Eshave was founded in 1996 with the goal of … Continue reading Eshave-Orange Sandalwood

Dr. Jon’s Wet Shaving Kit

A wet shaving kit that has it all   Wet shaving is a time-honored tradition that requires both experience and patience to achieve the ultimate goal of a smooth shave every time. Wet shaving is one form of shaving that is still practiced today by a small niche of men that’s growing by the numbers every day. From the every day wet shavers to the … Continue reading Dr. Jon’s Wet Shaving Kit

Omega Brushes

Omega says a fantastic brush with a luxurious feel is our middle name!   Omega Brushes have been around for quite some time now. Omega Brush has been a leading brush maker since 1946 and leads the way with their full line of paint brushes, rollers and shave brushes. Their extensive line of shave brushes include pure bristle and badger hair, synthetic fiber along with accessories, novelties and novelties as well. … Continue reading Omega Brushes