Sweet Comb Chicago Cool Beans

Cool Beans Shave Soap   A while ago I reviewed some shaving products from Sweet Comb Chicago that consisted of head polish and pre shave oil. If you have not gotten a chance to read my past review and chose to do so before reading this one just follow the link to the review. I was and still am impressed with how the products performed and … Continue reading Sweet Comb Chicago Cool Beans

Sweet Comb Chicago

A shave that couldn’t get any more sweeter!   Let’s talk about bees for a minute. Bees are an important part to our environment and agriculture. First lets talk about what bees do. Bees pollinate plants and flowers. Sounds pretty simple right? Bees help produce somewhere around 19 billion dollars of agricultural crops each year. Without the pollination from bees agricultural crops such as broccoli, … Continue reading Sweet Comb Chicago