Fuzzy Face Soaps

Get a great shave with Fuzzy Face Soaps!   There are literally thousands of selections of shave soap and shave creams that you can pick from in today’s market of shaving products. It’s always important that you know what you are putting on your face and Dome for shaving all of that unwanted hair off and keeping it off. I think one of the more important questions … Continue reading Fuzzy Face Soaps

The Beard Blade Beard Oil

A fresh shave with Beard and Blade Beard Oil!   I love beard oil and I don’t have a beard! Yep, that’s a true statement and now since we have that out-of-the-way, lets talk about and lack of facial hair for a minute. There is a large following of men who love the Bald lifestyle. They live it every day with passion and treat the Bald … Continue reading The Beard Blade Beard Oil

Humphreys Hand Made Soaps

Horror Movie Soaps That Smell Great!   I’m a big horror movie fan. From the B rated low-budget movies to the mainstream Hollywood block busters I love them all. My all-time favorite horror movies are ZOMBIES!!!!!!!! So when I came across Humphreys Hand Made Soaps and saw the horror movie based shave soaps I just had to try them. I found  HumPhreys Hand Made Soaps … Continue reading Humphreys Hand Made Soaps


Storage made simple by 6ixWoodworks   I consider my self to be passionately Bald and a passionate shaver. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, I love all things Bald related and that of course includes shaving products as well. I love shaving products starting from the soaps and creams down to the brushes and bowls, I love it all. When you start … Continue reading 6ixWoodworks