Richter Customs on Etsy

Where are you storing your razors?   So lets talk about storage. We all love our safety razors, bowls and brushes there is no doubt about that. It’s pretty safe to say that if you are into wet shaving then you probably have more than one of everything. More razors, more brushes and more bowls means one thing, MORE STORAGE!! If you’re collecting more shaving … Continue reading Richter Customs on Etsy

Alluvian Himalayan Cedar Shave Soap

?0Get a cleaGGGetddddGgggijijclkjv.kxjlkmfsfGet a clean shave with Alluvian   I love shave soap and no matter how many soaps I get to try in my lifetime there will always be soaps that stand out from the rest. It could be that maybe these soaps have an unforgettable lather and slickness, or maybe a cushion that’s just no less than fantastic. Maybe this soap has an … Continue reading Alluvian Himalayan Cedar Shave Soap