Sweet Comb Chicago

A shave that couldn’t get any more sweeter!   Let’s talk about bees for a minute. Bees are an important part to our environment and agriculture. First lets talk about what bees do. Bees pollinate plants and flowers. Sounds pretty simple right? Bees help produce somewhere around 19 billion dollars of agricultural crops each year. Without the pollination from bees agricultural crops such as broccoli, … Continue reading Sweet Comb Chicago

Thayers Natural Remedies

Thayers Premium Witch Hazel   So lets talk about one of my favorite topics of shaving, lets talk about post prep shave products. I understand that some people don’t believe in post shave products and I’m sure that there are a number of shavers out there that feel as though they just simply don’t either need to use post shave products or that they just … Continue reading Thayers Natural Remedies

Salt and Sun Beard Company

Great beard oil and balm for great skin care!   When it comes to deciding which beard or shave oil to include in your daily shave routine the possibilities are endless. There are literally thousands of choices to choose from. A shave oil basically just needs to be a non toxic non irritating oil that provides your razor a smoother surface for shaving. Beard oil provides your … Continue reading Salt and Sun Beard Company

Viking Shave Soap

Get a smooth shave with Viking Soap!   Contrary to popular belief Vikings were not all big and smelly. After doing some research that’s just simply not the case. In fact Vikings were known to have types of nail clippers, tweezers, utensils to clean their ears and razors for shaving. Vikings also took baths on a weekly basis. This tells me that they were big … Continue reading Viking Shave Soap