Dr. Jon’s week 6 summary

Dr. Jon’s Hand Crafted Soaps   At the end of the 6 week shave project with Dr. Jon’s Hand Crafted Soaps I have one word to say and that is fantastic! Each shave Every day for 6 weeks has been smooth and comfortable . Each shave every day has had an abundance of lather that was both rich and thick with a creamy texture and … Continue reading Dr. Jon’s week 6 summary

WSP 6 Week Shave Project Introduction

WSP 6 week shaving project   WSP was founded in 2011 and has been making quality products ever since. From 2011 to now 2015 soon to be 2016 WSP is still hard at work producing quality products and all produced in-house. In house refers to the production of soaps and aftershave being produced and packaged by the employees. Lee the founder and owner of WSP … Continue reading WSP 6 Week Shave Project Introduction

WSP Week One Summary

Wet Shaving Products Going Against The Grain!     The end of week one out of the six week shave project with WSP has been fantastic. Fantastic regarding the outcome of the skin on my Dome and face. WSP soaps have a good reputation among other shavers as a soap that feels great on your skin while providing extra smoothness and hydration as well. WSP … Continue reading WSP Week One Summary

WSP Week Three Summary

Shaving against the grain with WSP   The end of week three out of the six-week shave project with WSP products has been the same as the last couple of weeks. A great shave by a quality product, so today I want to talk about another product that has been a part of the six-week project as well that makes a positive impact on my … Continue reading WSP Week Three Summary