Soap Commander

The Commander has landed!!


With the beginning of the new year I decided to focus on adding shave soap to my shave routine to broaden my horizons and add variety to the products that I use. I have heard a lot of great things about soap commanders shave soap, so, naturally I had to try it. After a couple of emails and @soapcommander prompt customer service I got my patiently awaited package through the mail.

Before I continue, I want to talk about this fantastic duo of husband and wife that make the @soapcommander what it is to this day and future days to come. Like I said they are a husband and wife Duo that openly runs their company through the Grace of God to provide for their family and to provide an avenue to help others that need help while serving our lord and savior at the same time.

soap commanders detail for packaging is a nice touch!!


When I opened my mailbox and saw the white package I knew the soap commander has arrived. as soon as I got it out of my mailbox I saw the soap commanders logo on the white packaging, It was the full length logo making it very hard not to notice. That’s a detail you don’t see very often. After I removed the white packaging even the packing tape that held the lids of the box closed had the full length logo on it.


The Box was just the usual plain cardboard box that thousands of products are shipped in everyday, however, the full length logo on the packing tape alone gives it a nice touch and your eyes are drawn to it right away. When you receive a product in the mail with detailed packaging it says to me. I love the product that I make and so will you. Somehow I knew I was going to love this product before I even used it

all this product in one box and a nice sentiment from team commander as well! #Baldtastic

image image

The products were nicely packaged in the box leaving no room for rolling around, but not just shoved in the box. the contents contained one container of Commander Shave soap named “CONFIDENCE”, what a fantastic name for a shave soap for a Bald Guy. Even the names breeds confidence. One bar of soap and after shave balm with the same name. The honey, musk and patchouli Aroma of “CONFIDENCE” was very strong, I suspect this was because of it being in a closed box. Once the product was removed from the box the Aroma level decreased drastically but was still noticeable if you put your nose close to it.

Don’t have a shave bowl? no problem Soap Commander has it covered!!

image image

One thing i absolutely love about the large container of shave soap especially now since ive used it several times is the fact that you don’t need a shave bowl. The container the shave soap came in tall and large in diameter but not to large that storage is difficult. Confidence, the soap that came in the large container, filled the container three-quarters of the way full leaving space between the soap and the top of the container.


This is a great feature because you can rest your brush inside the container when not in use taking away the need for a bowl. If you don’t like the thought of resting your brush inside the container with the rest of the lather, no problem, the lid to the container is deep as well-meaning you can either just lather the soap in the main container, or, lather and then transfer the lather into the lid.

image image

No matter what strikes your fancy, the container has more than one function making the ease of use an attractable feature for storage or if you travel a lot and have limited space for your shaving products.

image image

Soap Commander packs a punch!!

image image

The shave soap “CONFIDENCE” from lathers nicely. The lather is nice and thick with equal consistently. The lather is rich and smooth. The lather thickens quickly and coats the scalp nicely with a great head. Some shave soaps will lather nicely but dissipates leaving you behind to re-lather quickly. Another great attribute is that when you are done shaving whatever lather is left just dries up into the soap and its there for another shave at a later date.


The shave itself was nice and smooth. The thick rich lather felt good on my scalp and was very soothing as I shaved away all that unwanted hair. I tried @ShaveCommander to separate ways. I followed my usual shave routine which involved exfoliant before and after the shave and I also applied shave oil as a pre shave step, I was impressed by the way my scalp felt afterwards, nice and smooth to the touch without razor burn, cuts or scrapes.

My second shave I once again went out of my comfort zone for this review and shaved without the use of an exfoliant or shave oil not once not twice but three times and the end result was good. A nice smooth shave without the use of exfoliants or oils.

Finally a quick rinse off and my dome was smooth and shiny. So what are my final thoughts about the commander? From the initial arrival of my new “CONFIDENCE” shave soap from to the final rinse and shine, the soap commander is an excellent product from the detailed packaging to the rich and creamy lather the soap commander creates effortly. The gives this Every day shaver a great shine that any Bald guy would be proud of. The @Soapcommander is definitely Bald guy approved for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day!

1. Detailed Packaging adds nice touch.
2. Soap comes in large container, tall enough to rest your brush in
when using it.
3. rich, creamy lather, feels great on your skin
4. Creamy lather decreases razor burn, cuts and scrapes
5. Leaves skin feeling extra smooth and hydrated.

1. The initial aroma out of the box may be to strong for some.





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