Shea moisture Groom and shave.

It’s all about the Shea Butter!!



I Whenever I go shopping with my wife there are always a few isles I have to go down depending on what store we go to. The shaving isle is one isle no matter what sore we go to that I like to visit to see if I find anything new, or, anything I decide I want to try.

I decided this year I was going to offer my Bald noggin up for trying over the counter products to try for a review. This decision is exciting yet worry some at the same time. I love being Bald b choice, I like buying new products to try and I love talking about shaving and living the Bald lifestyle. I try to put a lot of heart and soul into my reviews because its my opinion and I want other Bald Guys to know what I think of certain shaving products or apparel.

We have been shopping at meijers on and off for a while and I always venture down the shave isle and look at the same shaving items in hoping I spot something new. Most of the time its the same thing but one item has caught my eye every time. Shea Moisture groom and shave three butters Utility Soap cleansing bar.

The Shea Moisture Groom & Shave 3 in 1 soap bar Aims to please!


I picked this bar soap up on clearance for about $4.25, it’s a decent price considering the gimmick of this utility bar of soap is that its best used in the shower as a body soap, and soap for your hair or scalp. This utility soap comes in a 5 oz bar and has a pleasant but strong aroma. The ingredients on the side of the box are as follows

Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter*, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter)*, Mango Butter, Coconut Oil* and-or Palm Oil Soap Base, Apricot Oil, Nigella Sativa (Black Seed), Honey, Vegetyable Glycerin, Tocopherol (Vitamin E) Mineral Pigment or Vegetable Color, Essential Oil Blend *Certified Organic Ingredient

The Three Butters Utility Soap Cleansing Bar offers to cleanse, moisturize and shave. It contains several different kinds of butter with some other natural oils as well. The bar has a curved shape to it so it fits nicely in your hand when toting it around from the bathroom sink to the shower.

The Shea Butter Utility soap bar has a very smooth cleaning feel when you wash your hands with it.


So I bet you’re wondering why I talked about washing my hands with shave soap? like I previously said it says on the box its a utility bar meaning you can use it as a multi purpose bar of soap, so I decided to put it to the test. I washed my hands, face, body, and head with it and not all in the same day or all at once. I spent several days using this soap and yes I used it to shave my head several times as well.

After using this utility soap for a couple of days my first thought is, this is a great utility bar of soap, it feels great as a hand soap very smooth and gentle. as a body soap it works well with a loofah, a couple of quick scrubs and it lathers very well. Then on to the bathroom sink for shaving my head and face. This utility has a lot of functional aspects in one bar of soap.

One problem that I had right away with this Utility bar of soap is that it did not come with any kind of container with it. It also wasn’t wrapped in any kind of cellophane or plastic. It was just shoved in the box, but as you can see in the picture below its small enough to fit in a shave bowl. I also picked up a cheap travel container to store it in when I wasn’t using it.

image image

As a shaving soap it falls short in one area of all its functions.


I tried this Utility soap for shaving in a couple of different ways. First I tried it by applying it with my fingers. It didn’t lather very well but still was a smooth shave. The second application I tried was with a shave brush and had a different experience all together. it lathered very well with just a few drops of water. The lather was rich and thick but sadly the lather dissipated quickly and I had to re-lather once again. The result was good, The soap produced a smooth shave even with re-lathering along the way.

One of the good things about utilizing a shave brush is that the lather stays within the bristles of the brush and not on your hands so you’re not washing most of the soap away of your hand after re-lathering your head. Another great aspect of using a shave brush is that while you’re rinsing your razor off with one hand you can use the other hand for re-lathering your dome with the shave brush.

For my second shave I decided to go just shave soap all together. No shave oil, no exfoliant before or after my shave and surprising it was still a smooth shave. I use shave oil and exfoliant before and after my shave not to make up for any short comings my shaving products might have. I use the oil and exfoliant because it’s a healthy decision for my scalp.

After spending a couple of days with this utility bar of soap this is my final thoughts. The Shea Moisture groom and shave three butters utility soap cleansing bar is truly a Utility bar, you could very easily use this bar of soap at the sink to wash your hands and then take it with you into the shower to wash your body and head, and , lastly use it to shave your head and face for a nice smooth shave.

From a functional standpoint this bar of soap could replace several items in your household and for around $4.00 a bar it’s not a bad choice. I will gladly keep this among my shaving products in my cupboard. This utility soap is definitely BaldGuy approved for our Bald nation.


1.) can be used to wash your hands, body and head.
2.) lathers nicely with a shave brush and loofa.
3.) $4.00 a bar


1.) Lather Dissipates quickly, needs re-lathering.
2.) strong aroma could be to strong for some people.



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