Our Bald community then and know as a growing subculture.

   If my memory serves me correctly, it was around 1996-98 when I first decided to shave my head. Being Bald wasn’t the same as it is now. it was before HeadBlade, that company went to market in 1999. Sly Bald Guys, a popular website for Bald men started around 2006. Twitter and Facebook were non-existent they both started around 2006. Web forums for Bald men to find out great new ways to shave their heads did not exist either, The Bald community was, well, there was really no Bald community at that time, at least in my neck of the woods! Mainstream actors had all their hair and ROGAINE was in full effect by then.

It wasn’t really “cool” at that time to shave your head. The most common question I was asked at that time was “Why”, “Why” people asked me would I, in my early 20’s want to shave all my hair off? When I didn’t have to? It doesn’t make since, it’s not a good look for you. I had long hair at that time and had no plans of ever going BBC. However I had always been fascinated with the Bald look, I always thought how great it would be to never have a bad hair day again, The shorter maintenance time is a plus as well, I mean, how cool would that be to look the same when you went to bed and when you got up in the morning.

So fast forward to our current date and time and you will see a different picture. Our Bald community has gotten quite large. There are products sold online and in mainstream stores that cater to Bald men for shaving their heads. @headblade is one of the leading brands specifically made for Guys that shave their heads due to male pattern Baldness, or, just because they like the “Bald look” such as I. @headblade corners the market with their own HeadBlade razor specifically designed for head shaving, and, on products for the Bald men. They started before it was “cool” to shave your head and now since it’s grown to be so popular it’s a product that can easily be found in many retail stores and online at their website. @baldguyz is another popular brand that has been around for some time now. The company sells creams and lotions along with shampoo for Bald men with head wipes to refreshen your Bald head during the day. I had the privilege of coming across a  company  @domecare, This company sells products specifically made for Head shaving, their products are definitely top-notch and worth trying. I specifically like the anti-aging serum used as a moisturizer for your head. There are also many different styles and brands of razors to suite you head shaving needs. @dorcopace @dollarshaveclub @headblade are a few of the razors that I use currently and have currently used in the past.

I’ve had the privilege of meeting some really great BaldGuys with the very short time I’ve been on twitter,@baldfatguy @mtmcl14 @MMillsATTY @brianqualls72 @j68sherey @tbelot44 @josephbarker are just a few of the great BaldGuys that you can find on twitter, these guys are just a few of the phenomenal guys that make up our Bald Community. BaldGuys like these mentioned are a prime example of what  our Bald Community stands for class, confidence, kindhearted and just all around great guys to have in your presence. I talk to these guys on a regular basis on topics from head care to community.
So in closing, how does all this fit into our Bald community as a growing subculture? As you all know by now, no mater what you do or say, how many good things you do in life, how many times you make positive contributions to your community or how good of a parent or neighbor you are, one thing is for sure, someone will stereotype you as a Bald Guy. For example…”Hey I know this one Bald Guy” or “Hey you wanna meet my buddy the Bald Guy”, this isn’t necessarily bad stereotyping but it’s still stereotyping. Being stereotyped into a group of people can have a positive or negative effect as well. If a Bald Guy hasone  a negative effect in his community because of his actions you as well might be looked at in a negative way rather than a positive manner. So how do you counter act this possibility? Do positive things within your community, volunteer your time and help those in need, be a positive role model within your community, be a mentor for children that need one the boys and girls club is an excellent place just for that, or simply, be the best person you can be. Treat every you meet with respect a warm smile and a strong handshake. Try to Make good decisions everyday and beat your own path through life don’t be a follower, sometimes that will only get you into trouble. So be a positive Bald guy not a negative one, living the Bald lifestyle is as fabulous as you want to make it.


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