That’s just one of the logos you will find on a T-Shirt from Who is you ask? MondoBaldo is a T-shirt company that sells all Bald related T-shirts, bumper stickers, bracelets and other items that any BaldGuy would love to have to let their inner BaldGuy out. I had found @mondobaldo through twitter, Baldylocks the owner is a great guy and is all about supporting the Bald community, I started talking with him and before you know it, my package of Bald T-Shirts, wrist bands, stickers, temporary tattoos and clear business cards was sitting at my door step! website right away says were all about catering to the Bald community whether its man, woman or child, The website has selections for all three as well as jewelery, bracelets and stickers, many selections to fill all bald related must haves. The customer service is top-notch as well, all around is 100% BaldGuy approved and fuels our Bald community, follow the links at the bottom of the page.

When a T-Shirt from is hanging in your closet you know you’re living the Bald lifestyle!


These are just a few of the T-shirts from that are hanging in my closet!! In this day and age a BaldGuy has to have choices on what to wear!

These T-Shirts are so lightweight and comfortable, sometimes I have to make sure I still have it on!!!

Theses shirts are soft and  comfortable as well as  durable, I’ve washed them several times with the shirt inside out to protect the graphics and these shirts have survived several cycles through the washer and dryer. The graphics on these T-Shirts look the same as the day they arrived through the mail. All the shirts are pre-shrunk so they still fit the same after every wash and dry. If you’re worried about not being able to support the Bald community during the winter because of these shirts being short-sleeved? no problem, wearing a long sleeve underneath these shirts work just fine! has my inner BaldGuy smiling when i see all theses choices for BaldGuy T-Shirts!!




One thought on “MondoBaldo

  1. Mondo Baldo is really cool. I love the idea of uniting ALL bald people. And the t-shirts are wonderful. I got a few for me and my girlfriend who has Lupus and it’s amazing how powerful some words on a shirt can be. Love your site!


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