HeadBlade keeps you’re dome nice and smooth!!


The HeadSlick from HeadBlade gives you’re razor that perfect glide across you’re dome that every Bald Guy looks for!!!

imageI started using @Headblade several years after I started shaving, @Headblade has an incredible line of products for the Bald man to maintain a nice shiny dome whether he’s an everyday shaver or maintaining the Bald look several times a week. Head slick from @Headblade has a nice creamy texture that doesn’t foam per application. HeadSlick doesn’t get overly foamy on your scalp. It does however cover you’re dome with a slight lather that makes you’re shaving experience easy and pleasurable.

HeadBlade’s T-Shirts are soft and comfortable. My HeadBlade T-Shirt feels just as slick as the HeadSlick itself!!

IMG_1787HeadSlick doesn’t get foamy, it lathers. The lather is minimal but enough for a nice smooth shave. A little goes a long way “100” shaves is what the outside of the bottle says, a pea size amount is really all you need. Generally you only lather what part of your dome you are getting ready to shave. If you lather you’re whole head most of the shaving cream tends to dry out before you get to it meaning you have to re-lather again. The magic of HeadSlick is this, you don’t have to add more Headslick just add water and re-lather.

I’ve used many different shaving creams in my many years of shaving and I’m confident in saying that HeadSlick from HeadBlade is one of the best shaving creams around for any Bald Guy to maintain the Bald lifestyle!


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