Gillette fusion roller ball razor review

OUCH!!!!!! That’s what I said for a long time when I started shaving my head. From serious razor burn to cuts and scrapes was the normal outcome for me when I started shaving. After a while I slowly realized that a great shave depended on more than one fundamental aspect of my shaving routine. What is it you ask?…..It’s the type of razor you use. Now, there’s more than one aspect to a great shave but that’s for a different post. Today I solely going to talk a bout a razor.

I recently bout and reviewed the new Gillette rollerball razor, Gillette has cornered the market for a long time with their razors and shaving cream. They have a great product that I think depend ending on your budget can be either to pricey, or, just the right price. I say, you get what you pay for. I’m all about saving money for shaving products but sometimes it’s ok to pay more money for a razor that you like. Especially if it gives you a great shave.

The Gillette motto is “The best a man can get”. I half heartedly agree with that, but, not everyone likes Gillette so I can’t 100% agree with that! My first impression of the new rollerball razor is, it’s a nice razor. The handle is nicely weighted and slender with rubber gripping on the bottom of the handle for a nice grip, it’s easy to hold and maneuver, so you feel like you’re in control of the razor the whole time. You don’t feel like you’re going to drop it in the middle of a shave. That means more confidence which means less chances of cuts and scrapes.

The “rollerball” itself is not really a Ball but a button that is on a hinge that moves the whole head of the razor to the right or left. The razor head also flexes up and down as well, which is not anything new but combined with the right and left movement it maximizes the whole contour of your scalp. The razor head also has the trimmer blade on the front of the razor head, with the comfort strip for a comforting shave.

I think the one thing that sets Gillette apart from other razors is the thinner blades, it feels like the blades are grabbing the hair during shaving giving you a close shave, there are a lot of die-hard Gillette fans out their and I’m not disagreeing one bit that they make a great product, I used the Mach 3 for many years and at one time bought enough blades for a whole year.

The first night I shaved with the new rollerball razor I was really impressed. I had a nice smooth shave with absolutely no razor burn. You have to expect some kind of a learning curve with each razor you try, because, as you know, not every razor is made the same. There is always something different. The weight of the handle is different, the angle of the razor head is at a different angle than your use to, the actual blades might be thicker, or, thinner. Are the blades coated or not coated. You can’t decide rather you like it or not in one night. I used the rollerball razor for 7 days consistently before I made my decision, and my decision is purely opinionated and everyone will not agree with me.

By the end of the 7 days this is my opinion based on a 7 day trial and no more or less. Gillette makes a good product but the blades of the razor start of strong but dull greatly at the end of a 7 day period, within those 7 days I not once had a single cut or scrape and the razor burn was minimal. The razor burn could have been from the thinner blades that I’m use to, or it could have been from just shaving everyday. I did not test the trimmer blade on the front of the razor head because I don’t trim, I’m a clean shaving type of guy. The rollerball razor provided a nice smooth shave like Gillette states it does. The holder for the razor itself is not a full size holder but mainly a half-size which makes storage a little challenge but that’s not a deal breaker for me. The price for the blades themselves cost around the same price if the Gillette fusion blades so there really is not any savings, but like I said, you get what you pay for.

My overall review is the Gillette rollerball razor is a nice razor but will not be replacing my razor of choice which is the Schick hydro 5. I will however hold onto the rollerball razor for special occasions, so it does have a place among my many razors that I have for a rainy day. This is TheBaldNation saying love you’re products and you’re love the results and have a Baldtastic day!



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