Dr. Jon’s hand crafted soap

The Doctor is in!!


I do a lot of searching for shaving products to review. Sometimes I think it’s becoming more of an obsession of mine rather than a hobby. Being passionately Bald means always thinking of my next big shave, or, how am I going to portray my passion for the art of shaving? There are many categories to shaving now than there used to be. DE shaving is making a comeback has become an art form to a large group of men turning away from cartridge shaving.

Dr. Jon’s handcrafted soaps is his testimony that describes how much he values wet shaving as an art form as well as a hobby by many individuals. Its obvious Dr. Jon loves his soap that he makes and if you were to try his soap you would agree that his handcrafted soap is nothing short of delivering a great American classic shave in its true art form of comfort and closeness that only Dr. Jon’s handcrafted soaps can provide.

DR. Jon’s Hand Crafted soap was on my mind and dome all week!!


I reviewed Dr. Jon’s hand crafted soap “HEX” for a week, everyday I couldn’t wait until I had the chance once again to shave with his soap “Hex”. “Hex” is just one of the many fragrances of shave soaps made with essential oils that is hand crafted by Dr. Jon and his wife. After each shave it was apparent to me how much of a craftsman Dr. Jon was and if I enjoyed the “HEX” so much I’m sure I would love to try some of his other soaps made with essential oil.

Dr. Jon and his wife were not always in the hand crafted soap game. Long story short, they were unhappy with what they were doing for a living so they started hand crafting shave soap. you can read the full story here at drjonshandcraftedsoap.com. I think you will enjoy their story about Dr. Jon new love of wet shaving and how it led him to handcraft his own soap.

Dr. Jon’s website is easy to navigate and showcases his hand crafted soaps!!


Dr.Jonshandcraftedsoap.com was easy to navigate and find all of his shave soaps showcased neatly with a description of ingredients. Dr. Jon’s shave soaps contain essential oils that help keep your dome moisturized.

back+labelOn the back of every Dr. Jon’s hand crafted soap container is this sticker with all the ingredients. As you can see there is a lot oil and butter as well as essential oils added. Steric acid is a fatty acid that creates a soap with a stable, long lasting and creamy lather. It’s slick as well, it produces that slick glide every shaver wants and strives for extra comfort. With this sticker on the back with the ingredients listed and on the front of the lid a very colorful sticker of the fragrance you selected makes Dr. Jon’s tin of the shave soap you select very pleasing to the eye. Here is a couple of choices of shave soap you have on drjonshandcraftedsoap.com

Classic+artLike I previously stated, Dr. Jon’s hand crafted shave soap contains multiple butters and oils as well as essential oils that add to the great and comforting shave that you experience with every great shave time and time again. One of the hardest decisions I made was which one to try._MG_0044+(1) With all the vibrant colors I decided to go with the “HEX” fragrance which has the fragrances of cedar, cinnamon, orange and black pepper. The aroma was faint and not overwhelming. When I received the package in the mail the lid was sealed with red tape. The red tape peeled of easily not to damage or scratch the oversized tin that it came in. Here is another example of one of Dr. Jon’s hand crafted soap that catches your eye.


If you are really just beside yourself and cannot decide which fragrance you want, relax!! They also come in a sample pack.
No matter which fragrance of Dr. Jon’s handcrafted soap you choose I’m sure you will not go wrong.

Dr.Jon’s hand crafted soap lathers like a champ!!


This may not look like an overabundance of lather, and your right it’s not, but, you don’t need an overabundance of lather to get the job done right. Dr. Jon’s hand crafted soap took minimal swirls to produce this thick lather.image I transferred the lather from the oversized soap container to my glass shave bowl to use as less soap as possible. Make no mistake there is plenty of room to rest your brush in the container if you don’t want to use your bowl. I’m just trying to be conservative so I can enjoy this hand crafted soap by Dr. Jon as long as possible. One other differences I’ve noticed with Dr. Jon’s handcrafted soap is how soft the soap was in the tin as you can see in these pictures, you can see my finger print. However, the softness didimage imagenot change the fact that the soap itself provided a great shave with minimal drag. The first night I shaved with Dr. Jon’s handcrafted soap “HEX” I had slight razor burn, but, the several nights after the first shave that was not a problem
and it was nothing but smoothness from their on out. I used my go to shave oil to add to the smoothness and glide of the hand crafted soap “HEX”. I have stressed several times the importance of pre-shave oil and exfoliation as a pre and post prep exercise added to my shaving routine. Not to mistake the need of these products to make up for any short comings the shave soap or cream I’m using has, but for an added preventative and secondary aid to enhance the performance of your products and to give the greatest shave you can have. After all, you’re representing the Bald community, so do it in style!

Dr. Jon’s handcrafted soap gives an excellent smooth shave!



Yep! that’s the final verdict. Dr. Jon’s hand crafted soap gives a nice smooth shave with a great glide and a true American classic shave. The lather was thick and had a great richness that equally matched. The only issue I had, was several times I re-lathered the same spot a couple of times but that to me Isn’t a deal breaker and it’s not breaking the bank as well. That could have been a result of too much water used to produce the lather.

DE shaving or wet shaving like I said before is an art form and every one has their own techniques, favorite razors and extras that they use to produce the best shave they can get. Shave soap compared to gels and creams will last you a lot longer so a couple of extra leathers is not a big deal, but, to others it might be, but not to this every day shaver!

The smooth glide Dr. Jon’s handcrafted soap “HEX” produced left my dome feeling fresh and clean. I topped it off with a quick head scrub with my favorite exfoliant and lotion to end my shaving experience with the doctor.

So what are my final thoughts of Dr. Jon’s hand crafted soap “HEX”?

Top notch and a smooth classic shave. The soap lathered nicely and loaded up my brush and stayed there. The lather was thick and rich but didn’t take a lot to coat my dome for the great shave that Dr. Jon’s hand crafted soap “HEX” produced. Dr. Jon’s hand crafted soap “HEX” is Bald guy approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results and have a #Baldtastic day.

You can find Dr. Jon’s hand crafted soaps here
All handcrafted soaps come in 2 oz. sample sizes for $8.00
Full size come in 4 oz. $15.00
Sample pack of all 5 fragrances 2 oz. each $35.00

Find Dr. Jon’s hand crafted soaps on other social media platforms

1.) Twitter
2.) FaceBook
3.) Pinterest



1.) Lathers without the need of a lot of water
2.) Lathers with a couple of quick swirls
3.) Nice smooth glide, preventing cuts/scrapes/razor burn
4.) Aroma faint and pleasant, not overwhelming.
5.) provides a great classic shave
6.) reasonably priced and very affordable.


1.) Had to re-lather several times but not on every shave.



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