Domecare Solutions

Anyone that follows me on twitter knows that every tweet of mine is Bald related, I’ve built my brand around Bald and Bald related things. Having said that I had the pleasure of friending the fine folks over @domecare. I friended them because hello! Their Bald related. I tweeted them a couple of times and soon after decided to ask for some free product to try. I honestly didn’t think they would go for it, but, low and behold they did! They asked for my address and I very quickly gave it to them.

After a little while it got my package of goodies in the mail, my package contained 4 items that consisted of shave gel, moisturizing oils, matte moisturizer if you want the dull look for your dome and some head wash, with a black drawstring bag that said dome care solutions on it so I could store my product nice and neat.
I was pretty excited! Because us BaldGuys love getting free product to try especially for shaving. The shave gel was excellent, it caused a nice smooth surface on my dome, my razor glided effortlessly across my head. No razor burn what at all after I was finished, the gel was nice and soothing, the anti aging moisturizing oil is something that to this day I use almost everyday, a little goes a long way and makes my head nice and smooth without any oil residue with use. The secret is buffing!…..buffing you ask? Yes buffing! Ok so here you go, it comes in a little 1 fluid ounce bottle which may seem like a very small amount, but, you only need one pump for your whole head, so 1 fluid ounce will could last up to 6 months which is not bad in my book.
The other 2 items I have not tried and am saving them for a latter date. I like to take my time. Needless to say I was very pleased with the product Dome care solutions sent me for free.

A couple of weeks roll by and I’m getting pretty low on Dome care products so it visit their website to do a little shopping, to my surprise what Dome care had saner me was a 4-step system that was and is one of the more expensive systems. I was pleasantly surprised with the fact that a company would send one of their higher end product to me to try, what a classy move for Dome care! When I thanked them again and mentioned I was running low on product and going to buy more, they sent me a discount code for more product. I’ve been in contact with these fine folks several times and every time they are friendly, courteous, and prompt to fill and serve all of your needs!

So what’s my over all impression of DomeCare? Top notch! Top notch! They are a company that serves our Bald community everyday with class and excellent customer service, their product is of great quality and I enjoyed every minute of using it.

The anti aging serum moisturizer is a product that I keep on hand and use it regularly! I’m a firm believer in Dome care and have added their product to my every day shaving ritual. If you love the products you use you will love the results that you get!
Come find me on twitter @thebaldnation for more shaving tips and all Bald related posts.



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