Victory Shave

Make every shave a victory with Victory Shave!   I know I’ve said this once or twice or maybe three times but I’ll say it again. I love shaving kits! There a full shaving routine in a box. I love reviewing shaving kits because I look forward to seeing how each product compliments each other. There are many different types of kits available starting from … Continue reading Victory Shave

VanYulay Third Project Week Four Summary

VanYulay   I decided to pick ‘Patchouli’ for the fourth week summary of the third Vanyulay soap project. Before I go any further let me just say that I’m very satisfied with how my skin looks and feels. The soaps from VanYulay keep my skin looking healthy and smooth with a constant warm glow and supple feeling. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with the … Continue reading VanYulay Third Project Week Four Summary

VanYulay Third Project Week Three Summary

VanYulay   I decided on the ‘Black Dragon’ shave soap from VanYulay for the third week of the project. The ‘Black Dragon’ shave soap comes from the ‘Aquarius’ line thatĀ hasĀ over 350 available fragrances and is also available in menthol. These fragrances have a long-lasting aroma that also can serve as your cologne for the day. I picked the ‘Black Dragon’ scent, this scent reminds me … Continue reading VanYulay Third Project Week Three Summary

VanYulay Third Project Week One

VanYulay     This first week summary marks the end of the first week of the third VanYulay shave project. Just like the first two projects I started the first week with using all six soaps to get a feel for each one and then decide which soap I wanted to use for the second week of the project. I had six shave soaps to … Continue reading VanYulay Third Project Week One

Barbedeaux Aftershave

Razor Bump Therapy!   Lets talk about shaving products, more specifically about certain products that can play a pivotal role in your shaving routine and daily skin care regimen. Should you have a good daily skin care routine? Absolutely, because shaving is traumatic to your skin in many ways causing increased irritation from dehydration and dry skin. Anytime you run a razor across your skin … Continue reading Barbedeaux Aftershave