Naked Armor Razors

The Solomon Straight Razor When you decide it’s time to buy a new straight razor do you shop around? I hope the answer is yes. There are many websites that sell straight razors and all cost differently. Some sites sell straight razors from other brands along with their flagship razor. Then there are the websites that just sell their flagship razors. I’m still a Newby … Continue reading Naked Armor Razors

HartSteel Straight Razor

  American Steel With HartSteel! I’m still relatively new to cut throat shaving. My goal is to shave both my head and face with a straight razor. Why you ask? For one it’s a closer shave and better for your skin. Contrary to popular belief, cartridge razors are bad for your skin. They can cause a lot of skin irritation such as razor burn or … Continue reading HartSteel Straight Razor