Sweet Comb Chicago Cool Beans

Cool Beans Shave Soap   A while ago I reviewed some shaving products from Sweet Comb Chicago that consisted of head polish and pre shave oil. If you have not gotten a chance to read my past review and chose to do so before reading this one just follow the link to the review. I was and still am impressed with how the products performed and … Continue reading Sweet Comb Chicago Cool Beans

Wickham Soap

1912 Is A Great Year For Shaving!   I think it’s safe to say that shave soap is now a general term. It’s a general term not because I think shave soap is trivial when you look  at wet shaving as a whole. It’s a general term because there are several categories of shave soap to choose from. There is shave soap with or without tallow, Organic/non … Continue reading Wickham Soap

Mens Soap Company ‘Everest’

Men’s Soap Company ‘Everest’ With Lavender   Last year I did a product review for Menssoapco.com you can read my review here. I really liked his soap and what it had to offer. A lot of lather with an over the top slickness that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. Menssoapco.com is a newer company and with only two soaps available at this point he … Continue reading Mens Soap Company ‘Everest’

Viking Shave Soap

Get a smooth shave with Viking Soap!   Contrary to popular belief Vikings were not all big and smelly. After doing some research that’s just simply not the case. In fact Vikings were known to have types of nail clippers, tweezers, utensils to clean their ears and razors for shaving. Vikings also took baths on a weekly basis. This tells me that they were big … Continue reading Viking Shave Soap