Sweet Comb Chicago Cool Beans

Cool Beans Shave Soap   A while ago I reviewed some shaving products from Sweet Comb Chicago that consisted of head polish and pre shave oil. If you have not gotten a chance to read my past review and chose to do so before reading this one just follow the link to the review. I was and still am impressed with how the products performed and … Continue reading Sweet Comb Chicago Cool Beans

Wickham Soap

1912 Is A Great Year For Shaving!   I think it’s safe to say that shave soap is now a general term. It’s a general term not because I think shave soap is trivial when you look  at wet shaving as a whole. It’s a general term because there are several categories of shave soap to choose from. There is shave soap with or without tallow, Organic/non … Continue reading Wickham Soap

Mens Soap Company ‘Everest’

Men’s Soap Company ‘Everest’ With Lavender   Last year I did a product review for Menssoapco.com you can read my review here. I really liked his soap and what it had to offer. A lot of lather with an over the top slickness that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. Menssoapco.com is a newer company and with only two soaps available at this point he … Continue reading Mens Soap Company ‘Everest’