Elvado Shave Cream

Elvado Royal Tahitian Lime   Lather! Lather! Lather! who wants some lather? Oh yes lather gets me excited! Especially lather from Elvado For Men. Before I go any further I have to inform you that this particular Elvado product is not currently for sale yet. I have the honor and privilege to review this soon to be released new product from Elvado For Men. So … Continue reading Elvado Shave Cream

bull and bell Premium Supply Co.

A fantastic shave from a fantastic soap!   I’ve come to love smaller artisan shops for several reasons. Smaller artisan shops are very friendly and go out of their way to please their customers. Smaller artisan shops make their shaving products in small batches to ensure quality every time compared to a large soap manufacturer who buys all of their ingredients or chemicals in large … Continue reading bull and bell Premium Supply Co.

bull city soap works

Mess with the Bull and you get the horns!   Have you ever tried something and after the first time trying it you say WOW! I should have tried that sooner. That’s exactly what I said after trying the shave soap and shave brush combo from Bull City Soap Worx. Bull City Soap Worx is a husband and wife Durham, North Carolina based business. The … Continue reading bull city soap works

Diamond Bar Shaving

A Diamond Shave Every Time!   I love lather! I also love shave soap that produces a lot of lather. Why do I like lather so much? Well because it’s fantastic. Lather is a cushion between your safety razor and skin¬†that also¬†adds slickness to your shave that in turn decreases the chances of razor burn, cuts and nicks. Some soaps produce an over abundance of … Continue reading Diamond Bar Shaving