Elvado classic shaving brush soap

A top-notch shave with Elvado classic shaving brush soap!   I’m pretty open to a lot of different kinds of soaps and creams, gels and foams. I also ride the fence when it comes to lather. I like a thin lather as long as it has a smooth outcome with minimal irritation. its crazy to think that you will never have razor burn, and, even … Continue reading Elvado classic shaving brush soap

Colonel Conk Merkur Project

A Classic Shave From Classy Products   I have many shaving products and I like them all for certain reasons. They don’t all function the same but that’s ok because what they offer in the end far out weights what they are lacking in the beginning. I do have some shaving products from certain brands that have been around for a long time. There are … Continue reading Colonel Conk Merkur Project

Kramperts Finest

Krampert’s Finest makes fine shaving soap!   In today’s society social media plays a role in helping us decide what products to buy. If you are running a business especially a small business then you should be using social media as an advertising tool. Believe me your competitors are. I used to think that if you didn’t utilize social media for advertising your business then you … Continue reading Kramperts Finest

WolfPac Shaving Soap

Get a mentholated shave with Ice Pac   I love shave soap, hard or soft I love them all. Menthol has got to be one of my favorite all time soaps for shaving. I also know that menthol can be a hot topic around the wet shaving table these days. There seems to be a love hate relationship with mentholated soaps. Some wet shavers like it … Continue reading WolfPac Shaving Soap

Green Country Razor soap

Get a great country shave with Green Country Razors Citrus Blast!   We as consumers spend so much money every year buying products. Lets face it, we like to buy stuff and spend lots of money on stuff. We are also creatures of habit and stay within our comfort zone. Every now and then we breach that comfort zone and sometimes discover that there are other … Continue reading Green Country Razor soap