The Colonel Conk Shave Kit

Colonel Conk’s shave kit comes with everything needed for a fantastic shave!   A while back I reviewed some shaving product from Colonel Conk which if you have not read it and you wish to do so you can follow this link to the review I’ve used Colonel Conk’s pre shave oil and after shave balm for a while now with multiple shaves and … Continue reading The Colonel Conk Shave Kit

KC Shave Co.

A fantastic shaving kit for a fantastic shave! One of the many aspects of wet shaving that I like is putting a shaving routine together. I like choosing all of my shaving products to use for my nightly shave. I think if all possible you should pick items that compliment each other rather than products that just work well together. Products that work well together … Continue reading KC Shave Co.

The Mod Cabin Miners Mint Review

Miners Mint Men’s grooming has gotten rather large over the past couple of years. Back in the day it used to be men didn’t talk about their grooming habits in the bathroom. Men didn’t exchange shaving tips or sit around and talk about which shaving cream they liked best. You didn’t see or hear of men sitting around discussing why they shave in the shower. … Continue reading The Mod Cabin Miners Mint Review