Omega Brushes

Omega says a fantastic brush with a luxurious feel is our middle name!   Omega Brushes have been around for quite some time now. Omega Brush has been a leading brush maker since 1946 and leads the way with their full line of paint brushes, rollers and shave brushes. Their extensive line of shave brushes include pure bristle and badger hair, synthetic fiber along with accessories, novelties and novelties as well. … Continue reading Omega Brushes

Wood and Badger shave brush

Todd Darling Handcrafted Brushes   A shave brush is an important piece of equipment in wet shaving. Shave brushes build lather and help apply the shave lather to your dome and face. Shave brushes also help exfoliate the skin while applying lather to your skin. There are many shave brushes to choose from along with many aspects of the shave brush itself. From the handle of the shave … Continue reading Wood and Badger shave brush

McIvor Woodworks

Don McIvor   I decided a while back that I needed a new shave brush to go along with my product reviews to keep things fresh and new. I’ll admit it, I’m a newbie when it comes to shave brushes and what to look for when acquiring a new shave brush. There is not one perfect brush for every shaving routine and experience. A hard bristled brush works … Continue reading McIvor Woodworks