Dorco Prime Platinum

Get a smooth shave with the Dorco Prime DE blade   Which safety razor blade or DE blade for short is the best? This seems to be a question that has different answers depending on who answers the question. Why is that? because every one is different with different skin types. Some have soft and supple skin and some have rough and hardened skin. Some … Continue reading Dorco Prime Platinum

Razor Blades and More

The Matador’s provide a great shave from start finish!   I guess you could say that I’m officially addicted to safety razors. In fact I could honestly tell you that even if I stopped wet shaving today I would still collect safety razors. I love the mystery and excitement of trying a new safety razor for the first time. The what if questions are always … Continue reading Razor Blades and More

Mark Gustafson DE safety razor

A quality shave from a craftsman!   I’m relatively new to the art of wet shaving but I can honestly say I love it. I love every aspect of wet shaving. From the bowls to the shaving creams or soaps all the way down to the brushes themselves I’m becoming a passionate wet shaver. I also love the fact that you can practice wet shaving … Continue reading Mark Gustafson DE safety razor

Dorco Prime Safety Razor

Get a prime shave with Dorco Prime! is a company that manufactures and sells disposable razors, shaving systems and shaving accessories for men and women. The company dates back to 1955 as a small company founded in South Korea. Today Dorco is Asia’s market leader in disposable shaving products. Dorco has become a recognized household name in some Asian countries and has made … Continue reading Dorco Prime Safety Razor

Colonel Conk Monthly Razor Project

You just can’t beat a month with Colonel Conk Safety Razors!   Even before I started practicing the art of wet shaving I was a fan. I used to look at safety razors along with all of the other equipment that goes along with them. Bowls and brushes, stands and blades, I used to look at them all and think of how much better it … Continue reading Colonel Conk Monthly Razor Project