The GoodShave Razor

GoodShave razor gives you a Good Shave!   The shaving industry makes around 13 billion dollars a year. WOW!! that’s a lot of shaving money. That’s also a lot of cartridges too. The problem with big shaving companies is you spend a lot of money on razors every year. Razor companies charge a lot of money for their razors that just get thrown away. That’s … Continue reading The GoodShave Razor

Straight Razor Project!

Straight Razor Project! That’s right! a new Straight Razor Project is coming to TheBaldNation.Com,  Craig Berrington a fine fellow and #Brotherinbald has kindly shot a video demonstrating the art of Straight Razor shaving for his Dome and face. Craig is a VBlogger for the UK Wet Shaving Blog. You can find all his fantastic videos here! He’s also can be found on Twitter: @ukwsb FaceBook: … Continue reading Straight Razor Project!

The Cobra Razor

Don’t be afraid!!!… The Cobra razor strikes your hair not your dome!   Every now and then you get the chance to try something brand new. In fact, sometimes it’s so brand new it could be considered revolutionary. Revolutionary as to what function or functions it has that sets it apart from other products. Of course I’m talking about a new shaving product, a new kind … Continue reading The Cobra Razor