Fuzzy Face Soaps

Get a great shave with Fuzzy Face Soaps!   There are literally thousands of selections of shave soap and shave creams that you can pick from in today’s market of shaving products. It’s always important that you know what you are putting on your face and Dome for shaving all of that unwanted hair off and keeping it off. I think one of the more important questions … Continue reading Fuzzy Face Soaps

The Soap Exchange

Natural, Fresh and Handmade   Sometimes you take a chance on a product for several reasons. You either see a lot of information on that product in different areas and you get curious, or, you hear or read a lot of positive comments or information about a product and you decide that you want to try it. That’s exactly what led me to the shaving … Continue reading The Soap Exchange

Humphreys Hand Made Soaps

Horror Movie Soaps That Smell Great!   I’m a big horror movie fan. From the B rated low-budget movies to the mainstream Hollywood block busters I love them all. My all-time favorite horror movies are ZOMBIES!!!!!!!! So when I came across Humphreys Hand Made Soaps and saw the horror movie based shave soaps I just had to try them. I found  HumPhreys Hand Made Soaps … Continue reading Humphreys Hand Made Soaps

Elegant Rose Boutique shave soap

A big shave from Elegant Rose   Sometimes one of your best shaves can come from a small soap. This was the case with a small business called Elegant Rose Boutique found on etsy.com. I found Elegant Rose Boutique while searching for shave soap with a great aroma. Sometimes I search for shave soap just to search and find a great product that provides an … Continue reading Elegant Rose Boutique shave soap