Not A Hair Model T-Shirt

Who Needs Hair Any ways?   I’ve said it once and I’ve said it multiple times and I’ll say it again every time. Hair is over rated! A man should never be judged by how much hair he is sporting on his head. However,¬†the media¬†emphasizes man hood by how much hair a man has. There are many products on the market today that claim they … Continue reading Not A Hair Model T-Shirt

The Bold-Look!

This T-Shirt says it all!!!   Not to long ago I had the privilege and pleasure of getting to know Allan Cox @BaldisBold through Twitter. Allen’s a great guy, His website Bold-Look.Com sells apparel for Bald men. This T-Shirt is black which is my favorite color, it’s thick enough that you know you are wearing it, but yet it’s lightweight so it’s not weighing you … Continue reading The Bold-Look!

Own Your Dome

Own your baldness with Own Your Dome bald wear!   I guess you can say that I can’t get enough of Bald related T-Shirts. I think that wearing Bald related T-shirts or other bald related apparel just lets your Bald pride out every time. Confidence is important especially to a Bald guy. It’s easy to be comfortable with your Baldness when you go Bald by … Continue reading Own Your Dome

Bald-Life T-Shirt

Living the Bald-Life just got even better!   I love T-Shirts! Red, blue, black or grey, no matter what the color is I love them all. I especially love Bald related T-Shirts! Why? Well first and foremost because I’m Bald and loving every minute of it. Wearing a Bald related T-Shirt is telling every one around you that being Bald is fantastic. Do you have … Continue reading Bald-Life T-Shirt

MondoBaldo T-Shirts

Bald Pride World Wide!!   That’s just one of the logos you will find on a T-Shirt from Who is you ask? MondoBaldo is a T-shirt company that sells all Bald related T-shirts, bumper stickers, bracelets and other items that any BaldGuy would love to have to let their inner BaldGuy out. I had found @mondobaldo through twitter, Baldylocks the owner is a … Continue reading MondoBaldo T-Shirts