Gilbert Henry Aftershave

A fantastic aftershave for a smooth shave   I consider myself to be a passionate shaver. From pre-shave to post shave routines, from razors to aftershave I love every aspect of the shaving ritual. So lets talk about a post shave product that is vital to achieving a great shave and post shave routine. Aftershave is a product that seems to be on the fence with … Continue reading Gilbert Henry Aftershave

Mr. Fine Aftershave

Mr. Fine feels fine on your skin after shaving!!   Mr. Fine has been around for some time now and if you look around close enough you will see that Mr. Fine aftershave has become a staple in many of wet shavers shaving techniques. The definition of wet shaving is simply shaving while your face is wet. Some could say by that definition that any form of razor shaving is … Continue reading Mr. Fine Aftershave