Barbedeaux Aftershave

Razor Bump Therapy!   Lets talk about shaving products, more specifically about certain products that can play a pivotal role in your shaving routine and daily skin care regimen. Should you have a good daily skin care routine? Absolutely, because shaving is traumatic to your skin in many ways causing increased irritation from dehydration and dry skin. Anytime you run a razor across your skin … Continue reading Barbedeaux Aftershave

Thavma Aftershave

After shave that’s good for your skin   I’ve been a big fan of aftershave for a while now. Aftershave plays a pretty big role in providing comfort for your skin right after your finished shaving but also in long term aspect as well. First and foremost aftershave is primarily used to rehydrate your skin and relieve any discomfort caused by shaving. No matter what … Continue reading Thavma Aftershave

Thayers Natural Remedies

Thayers Premium Witch Hazel   So lets talk about one of my favorite topics of shaving, lets talk about post prep shave products. I understand that some people don’t believe in post shave products and I’m sure that there are a number of shavers out there that feel as though they just simply don’t either need to use post shave products or that they just … Continue reading Thayers Natural Remedies

Gilbert Henry Aftershave splash

Gilbert Henry Bay Rum Aftershave splash   A while back I did a review on Gilbert Henry Bay Rum and Lavender Aftershave Balm. I can honestly say that I am still a big fan of their product. When I saw that Gilbert Henry had a Bay Rum aftershave splash I knew I had to try it. After all I already had the Bay Rum aftershave … Continue reading Gilbert Henry Aftershave splash