Bald in America

It’s no secret that the media plays a role in how we live our lives. The media impacts our financial decision-making process no matter what you’re shopping for cars, clothes or groceries. The media effects what music you listen too, were you do all you’re banking at and last but not least what restaurant you eat at as well. The media also plays a role on were you take youre family on vacation.

How is this done you may ask? ask you’re self how many commercials you see or here on T.V. and radio everyday?, or, how many advertisements you see and read on the internet on a daily basis, and how many times are you bombarded with all of this at the same time? Its information overload and you better believe its done on purpose for the sole reason to sell products that you don’t need but to make you feel like you don’t fit in unless you buy their products.

There are multiple ways companies achieve this through advertising and marketing, they start with children and market to people of all race, color, creed and social status, no one is safe. So where does this fit in with being Bald by choice or by natures untimely and wanted gesture?

The media affects us emotionally as well. The media attacks us in two separate areas no matter if you’re a man or a woman and that’s weight and hair loss issues. The media likes to make woman feel like they are less than perfect if they are overweight by their standards, which, I might add are not everybody’s standard for what they feel is considered overweight. What I consider to be overweight is probably different than what the media standards are. The other area is hair loss, hair loss can play a critical role on the well-being of men and woman as they age or start losing their hair due to medical purposes.

For the purpose of this post im going to specifically talk about men and hair loss. To a man losing their hair means the sign of aging, men in general feel that they have a number of purposes in their life, they feel like they are here to father and raise children and teach their children the differences between right and wrong. Children provide us with a feeling of immortality. Our children will talk about us long after we are gone. Men need to feel useful, working to provide for their family is a sign of masculinity, it makes us feel useful and gives us a purpose in life.

When men start to lose their hair not by choice it makes us ask questions like, has what we done in our lifetime so far made a good impact on our children, or, will what I have done in life go unnoticed, have I made a difference in anybody’s life? These are questions men ask themselves as they are getting older and the opportunities that once were there are fewer and far in between. In other words loosing youre hair can be a real change in attitude and sometimes not for the better.

I once read that a man losing his hair may go through the 5 stages of grief, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Not all men go through these stages and not all men take hair loss as the beginning of the end of the road, some men can adapt to hair loss and some men cannot. With some men hair loss provokes a mid-life crisis, some men just say oh well, shave it off and get back to the business of living life.

Certain businesses have used media to make millions of dollars off of men curling up in the fetal position at the first sign of hair loss. These companies thrive off of  chemicals provided in liquid, foam or gel form applied to the scalp as a daily treatment to try to provide hair growth and to stop hair loss and the sign of aging. The problem is the key word TRY! This treatment does not provide 100% result, and granted these companies do not say 100% results guaranteed, but they do play on the emotional side of a man losing his hair.

Theses companies do not promise a guarantee that you will stop loosing youre hair. They say yes, you are losing youre hair, but, if you use our product maybe you will stop losing youre hair with the added bonus of growing some hair back. some may call that hope, while others may call it uncertainty. Some people call it wrong for praying on the emotional stress of others in their time of need. I am Bald by choice (BBC) and have been for almost 20 years. If I was Bald because of alopecia or MPB I might be in the same emotional stress as some of these other men. I feel very fortunate to have not been a victim of social distress and anxiety caused by loosing ones hair.

In this day and age we have the internet were you can find countless articles and other information on handling the emotional aspect of losing hair, articles to guide you in the right direction of hair restoration if that’s the way you want to go, which by the way is expensive. The internet has every article, magazines, research paper, website address you could hope for to help answer all you’re questions on why hair loss and how to maybe slow it down or if you’re lucky reverse it.

The internet also has the same available information on websites and forums that celebrate hair loss and the emotional baggage you leave behind once you decide that enough is enough, im just going to shave it off and worry about the more important things in life. There are countless numbers of people at one point in their life was at the same crossroads with hair loss that have gotten a new perspective on life after they chose to live the Bald lifestyle.

There are several online forums for people to help with the emotions hair loss can cause. Sly Bald Guys a community of Bald men is a forum that has been around for a long time. Once you spend some time on that forum you quickly see why it’s loved by a large number of Bald Guys. There is so much support and  help for either men going Bald, thinking of going Bald or have shaved the first time and not knowing if they have made a mistake or not. Sly Bald Guys talk a lot about the 30 day challenge which is shaving your head consistently for 30 days and then deciding if the Bald look or (Sly look) as they call it is for you.

Any questions you have big or small can almost be answered by a lot of the members on the site. They can really make you feel like a member right away and thrive on the positive attitude the site promotes, in the rules of the forum it talks a lot about positive attitudes and the no tolerance policy towards harmful banter or negative remarks and  a strict policy against bullying. Sly Bald Guys really is a place online were you can find a safe place if you are battling with hair loss or feelings of regret with a newly shaped dome.

Going Bald by choice is saying with conviction that you are breaking the hold that society and the media has on you with judging you’re worth by the amount of hair you have or have not on your head. I’ve been told a couple of times by men that shaved it off because of unwanted hair loss, that it’s a very liberating feeling after shaving for the first time.

On top of great forums for any Bald related questions or concerns, there are several outstanding companies that cater to the Bald man, @headblade is one company that has serviced our Bald community for a long time with products like Hedrick which is a shaving cream formulated specifically for Bald heads, I’ve used Head Slick for shaving my head for years and now use it for shaving my face as well, their moisturizers are outstanding and you have you’re choice between two different kinds of moisturizers shiny and matte for whatever suites you’re needs, and let’s not forget the one and only HeadBlade ATX the Cadillac of razors for keeping that Bald look on an everyday basis or when the mood strikes you.

Another great company that sells total skin care products that cater to the Bald man is @Domecare  solutions among the great products they sell is their anti-aging serum that by far is on of  my favorite products of choice and is a staple of my shaving routine. @beebald makes shaving products that have more natural ingredients and from what I have read might be finding a new home among the shelves of whole foods market. Then there are companies such as @cremocream that make a great shaving product that don’t market specifically to Bald men but definitely could.

On top of companies that sell products for Bald men there are companies that sell T-Shirts and accessories like @mondobaldo that sell several different kinds of T-Shirts and support alopecia and cancer survivors. I had the pleasure of getting to know Baldy locks from @mondobaldo through twitter and several lengthy emails. This guy has a lot of spirit and determination to help spread the word of the Bald community and help support unfortunate individuals who have lost their hair from alopecia, he also does a lot of work with kids as well, @mondobaldo is definitely a company that is on the up and coming. He’s definitely 100% all bald content all the time. @Baldisbold is another company that sells Bald related T-Shirts, Allen Cox from @BaldisBold is a Bald Guy with a vision of what catering to the Bald community should be, I’ve talked with Mr. Cox several times and he expects nothing but the best from his line of T-Shirts for the Bald community.

Aside from products and T-shirts there are a multitude of great Bald guys online just to talk about anything or why Bald is best @Baldfatguy @mtmcl14 @baldbilly860 @todd_greene @j68sherey @greg197 @hanstechrist @tbelot44 @seanmc73 @balderstache @mmillsatty @baldmafia @baldfinance @burkie8912  are just a few to speak of.

In closing, Alopecia and MPB are several reasons why people may go Bald before their time and that can cause a lot of negative feelings that can send someone on a downward spiral. There are so many avenues to help people with these negative feelings they just have to find them, more people every year support the Bald lifestyle by either living it, or, just supporting it and that is why Bald is Best!







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