VanYulay Third Project Week One

VanYulay     This first week summary marks the end of the first week of the third VanYulay shave project. Just like the first two projects I started the first week with using all six soaps to get a feel for each one and then decide which soap I wanted to use for the second week of the project. I had six shave soaps to … Continue reading VanYulay Third Project Week One

Barbedeaux Aftershave

Razor Bump Therapy!   Lets talk about shaving products, more specifically about certain products that can play a pivotal role in your shaving routine and daily skin care regimen. Should you have a good daily skin care routine? Absolutely, because shaving is traumatic to your skin in many ways causing increased irritation from dehydration and dry skin. Anytime you run a razor across your skin … Continue reading Barbedeaux Aftershave

Not A Hair Model T-Shirt

Who Needs Hair Any ways?   I’ve said it once and I’ve said it multiple times and I’ll say it again every time. Hair is over rated! A man should never be judged by how much hair he is sporting on his head. However,¬†the media¬†emphasizes man hood by how much hair a man has. There are many products on the market today that claim they … Continue reading Not A Hair Model T-Shirt

Elvado classic shaving brush soap

A top-notch shave with Elvado classic shaving brush soap!   I’m pretty open to a lot of different kinds of soaps and creams, gels and foams. I also ride the fence when it comes to lather. I like a thin lather as long as it has a smooth outcome with minimal irritation. its crazy to think that you will never have razor burn, and, even … Continue reading Elvado classic shaving brush soap

Colonel Conk Merkur Project

A Classic Shave From Classy Products   I have many shaving products and I like them all for certain reasons. They don’t all function the same but that’s ok because what they offer in the end far out weights what they are lacking in the beginning. I do have some shaving products from certain brands that have been around for a long time. There are … Continue reading Colonel Conk Merkur Project