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Why do BaldGuys rock? Because we never have bad hair days!



I am the founder and creator of TheBaldNation.Com which is first and foremost dedicated to #LivingTheBaldLifestyle. I live passionately bald every day and love every minute of it. I first shaved my head in 1996, from then on I was hooked on the Bald lifestyle. At that time there wasn’t a lot of online support for Bald related topics concerning good shaving techniques or remedies for skin irritation. There wasn’t online support forums for questions or general conversations concerning Bald related content. I learned through trial and error the best shaving techniques to fit my needs. There are several websites now that individuals can find answers to help solve any problems or concerns they might have, or, forums that support conversations revolving around the Bald lifestyle. I’m a proud Bald Guy that believes God, Church, Family, Work and the Bald lifestyle are fundamental building blocks in life. I want to help bring the Bald community closer together through custom content consisting of bald related inspirational quotes #hashtags, and T-Shirt reviews. The Bald community has grown into a sub culture and brotherhood of Bald men that connect with each other through various forms of media allowing individual and group interactions.

TheBaldNation is also a website and source for you to find information on various shaving products ranging from soaps and creams to razors and brushes. I love shaving and talking about shaving in every aspect. Finding products that contain natural ingredients that have benefits for both your shaving and skin care regimen is important to your health and the environment as well. Shaving products that contain more natural ingredients also contain less harsh and synthetic chemicals. These harsh and synthetic chemicals can cause irritation leading to dry and cracked skin increased razor burn and possible shaving bumps. The product reviews found on this website are based and written from a first hand experience. I’ve personally used each of these products and some more than once. I spend a lot of time on social media and use hashtags to document all of my projects and product reviews. Follow these hashtags to find me,

#Baldnation #365ReasonstobeBald #Baldtastic #Brothersinbald #passionatelyBald and #BaldvsHair.

I would like to personally thank you for visiting my website TheBaldNation.Com and invite you to stay and read some of my reviews, you may just find your next perfect shave!







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    1. Sorry buddy, meant to get back with you sooner! You can find him on Twitter @baldisbold or baldisbold.com, it’s an awesome shirt and it’s very comfortable, if you buy on take a pic and send it to me ok and I’ll post it on my social media ok.

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