45 Fantastic reasons to be Bald Part-2

16. More vitamin D

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: If you live too far about the equator, you’re most likely lacking the supply of vitamin D you need and I’d recommend you check your levels asap. Back to the impact of balding and not shaving/ buzzing your head though, what I have to say is not what you’re thinking. I’m not saying that you need to shave your head to get more vitamin D. What you don’t realize though, is that the amount of time you spend avoiding the elements of nature like the wind, the rain and even sunny days has a significant negative impact on your body’s ability to generate vitamin D. If you’re balding and trying to hold on to whatever remains, you most likely avoid windy days, sunny days at the beach and being outside too much in general, thereby reducing your exposure to the sun and your vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is essential for a happy healthy living. Click here to learn more about why you need to keep your levels up!

After buzzing/ shaving your head: You simply aren’t conscious about what the weather is like or how much time you spend outside because it’s great to be out and feel the rain/ wind/ sun on or brushing against your head. Not trying to hide from the elements of nature is certainly the natural way to go about living your life and accepting your hair loss is the first step in getting you there.

17. Scalp massages

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: Well, it’s simply a luxury you will never ever be able to enjoy and you’ll be missing out on one of the most sensual pleasures you can enjoy in life. If you ever go in for a body massage or are with your partner, you have to ensure that your precious head isn’t touched for fear of hair shedding, meaning you’ll be deprived of this powerful sensation for the rest of your life. It doesn’t sound like much but it’s one of the most uncomfortable things to watch out for your head being touched when you’re trying to enjoy yourself and have an uninhibited and carefree experience. You’re also missing out on one of the most simplistic and blissful treats life has to offer.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: You’ll have the chance to explore a hidden gem of an experience and it’s going to be one of the best rewards of being able to accept and embrace your hair loss. After spending years protecting your head and panicking about it being touched or messed with, you now don’t have a single care in the world. You have nothing to hide – you’re free, you’re uninhibited and you can truly be yourself. Unrestricted pleasure and boundless freedom await you. Believe me, getting a head massage and not caring about hair shedding after having been oversensitive for years is one of the most liberating and enjoyable experiences. Again, I’m sure any proud bald guy can attest to this.

18. Good night’s sleep

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: Similar to being unable to do something as innocent as wear a brighter colour, you’ll have to wake up every morning and deal with the hair on your pillow and bed sheets, therefore being unable to truly enjoy a good night’s sleep. Especially in the beginning when you start noticing the hair on your pillow, it’s scary to think that the process is going to repeat every morning and that you’ll be confronted with it on a regular basis. I would try things as ridiculous as forcing myself to sleep belly-up, without moving at all. I actually even succeeded a few times, having slept without moving my head at all but still have to pick up at least 10 – 20 strands of hair off my pillow! It gets unimaginably frustrating at some point when you can’t even lie down in peace without being confronted by your balding.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: Not only do you enjoy the thrill of having a good night’s sleep – it’s all the sweeter because of how much of a struggle it was when you still felt physically attacked with every strand of hair you saw fall out. Even if you just buzz your head, it means that you’ve come a hell of a lot closer to acceptance and you won’t fret about seeing some tiny hairs on your pillow (if you even notice them). This is especially true when sleeping over at a friend’s place or with company because you don’t have to wake up and start picking up the hair before others notice it. It’s just too cumbersome and depressing… one of the best arguments for accepting your bald self and enjoying life and its simple pleasures.

19. Save time (years) googling ‘balding causes’, ‘cures for balding’ etc.

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: It’s not something you consciously think about but life is precious and your time on this planet is finite. Assume you’re 20 and you live to be 80. That gives you about 22,000 days after which you disappear from the face of the earth and I have no idea if there’s an afterlife, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say you won’t be worrying about your hair loss once you’re dead, either way. That being said, when you start losing your hair, you end up spending obscene amounts of time googling the causes, looking for cures without major side-effects, lingering day and night on forums and essentially wasting your finite time with nothing to show for it. The only benefit is that it’s comforting to interact with other guys going through the same thing and throwing yourself a pity party online. It’s a lot like binge eating – you know you shouldn’t be doing it but it provides a temporary fix so you continue doing it. It’s quite hard to be online and not continue researching balding, MPB, cures, causes etc. because whether you admit it or not, you’re always looking for that one magical cure that’ll suddenly fix all your problems. It’s the reason why someone can put up this ridiculous page saying: Baldness cure discovered and actually sell you nonsense. In conclusion, if you can’t accept balding, you’ll cumulatively waste months of your life online, letting the little time you have waste away and end up more depressed and desperate than you were to begin with.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: Welcome back to your life. You have no reason to waste another second online googling for a miracle because you don’t need it. You’ve accepted that you’re bald, you know you look great, you feel 100x better than you ever did balding and you couldn’t be happier. You can finally go out and live your life instead of hiding behind your screen and finding reasons to feel worse about balding. You literally get your life back and don’t have to hide your browser history anymore! It’s a snap second’s decision to start embracing your bald look that’ll completely transform your life so at least give it a shot! 😉

20. Chance to reset your life – be who you want to be

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: Going through the whole process of losing your hair can weigh down quite heavily on most, especially when it happens at a younger age and none of your peers have to deal with it. If your way of dealing with it is to try and preserve the hair that you’re genetically predisposed to lose, you’ll never really have that weight off your shoulders. You’ll have to look at yourself in the mirror and be reminded that you’re losing your hair every time. You won’t be able to just forget about it and really move on with your life.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: You’ve dealt with the enemy. Your hair – the dead cells on your head that you were trying your level best to salvage was your enemy, not your ally! Once you start buzzing your head and especially when you shave it, it’s your personal moon landing. It’s a huge moment in your life and significant turning point. You get the chance to completely reinvent yourself, go from the shy balding guy to the macho confident bald guy and completely rid yourself of any painful memories from the past. You’re you – but version 2.0, new and improved.

21. No awkward ID moments

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: Your IDs are nothing but a cruel reminder of the fact that you’re balding. Every time you look at your ID or an older picture in general, your first instinct is to look at thehair you had in that picture and mull of the fact that it’s going… strand by strand, day by day. If you’re checked for ID, it’s almost every single time that you get the double look – when someone looks at the photo on your ID, looks back at you in disbelief and probably says something along the lines of “Boy, you’ve lost a lot of hair!”. Every guy who has been through the process can remember a time when it happened and it’s never pleasant. It’s the same when a friend skims through your wallet and looks at your pics etc., and every single incident without exception is unnecessarily awkward.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: You can finally retake pictures for your IDs because your new look is now a lot more permanent. Your pictures will be a true representation of the new reformed you and there won’t be a single reason to hide your IDs from the world. Especially for the people you meet for the first time after embracing your new look, the thought of what you looked like before you were bald doesn’t occur too often. If it does, you can happily show off an older picture and most likely get complemented on how much better/ happier you look bald. J

22. No more ridiculous diet choices/ No believing in myths

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: I’ve mentioned in my post about the 10 ridiculous reasons guys hope are causing their balding a few of the dietary choices balding guys will tend to allude to. Things like the ‘hard’ water at home, too many proteins, the ill effects of coffee etc. I know because I’ve had periods where I cut out coffee, sugar, only drank bottled water and popped vitamin D pills like a maniac. The fact is for most guys, it comes down to genetics but we refuse to admit it right away because we’re always holding on to some ray of hope, wishing we’ll wake up tomorrow and experience the whole balding thing as a bad nightmare. It only takes a short while to come to terms with the fact that you’re probably genetically predisposed to lose your hair, but you’ll still try whatever. Until you accept that you’re turning into a handsome, confident bald guy and fully internalize it, you’ll end up wasting time and willpower trying to minimize your hair fall by modifying your diet. 1 tip: look around you. If guys around you are eating and drinking the same things and have no issues with their hair, it probably isn’t your diet. Sure you could have some allergies but there are no allergies that solely cause you to go bald.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: Thank god we’re over that hump and it’s finally Thursday! By the time you do come the full circle and start embracing your look, you would have a) realized that your diet has no influence on how much hair you keep on your head b) stopped caring because you’re just so relieved with the burden being lifted off your shoulder. Drink the coffee, gorge the cheesecake and just enjoy your life without being paranoid about every morsel you ingest. Personally I enjoy my morning cup of coffee a hell of a lot more because of how carefree I can afford to be, having accepted my hair loss 🙂

23. Part of an exclusive club

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: Well I have to admit, even before you do step up your game and accept it all, you are part of an exclusive club. The difference is, it’s a loser’s club, a club full of whiners, complainers and hopeless desperate souls hating life and blaming the world. It’s filled with negativity which at the end of the day gets you nowhere. It’s depressing to log onto forums like hairlosshelp.com, hairlosstalk.com etc. and read about guys repeatedly saying “I can’t imagine going bald before I’m 40, there’s no point in living.” All in all, I would have spent a good few months of my life (12 hour days) lingering on these forums, reading every post, trying to comfort myself. It absolutely didn’t work though. I’d just feel worse and exceedingly hopeless every day. This is pretty much how it all went downhill until the day I found SlyBaldGuys.com. Suddenly, my world turned downside-up!

After buzzing/ shaving your head: After spending some time on SlyBaldGuys, I realized how many guys there were who weren’t only able to embrace being bald – they were excessively proud of being bald and talked about how they can’t go more than a couple of days without shaving, which razors to use and basically how fucking fantastic being bald (vs. balding) was. It’s a complete revelation when you discover this positive and thriving side of the world. It’s the exclusive you want to be part of because not only did these guys embrace being bald, they owned it and made you jealous of not having shaved earlier! That’s level 1 though, because you then have guys like MyBaldLawyer, BaldCleanGuy, TheBaldChocolatier – Max Brenner, TheBaldCritic, TheBaldGuyinaRedTie, TheBaldNation and many others who’ve actually managed to use their badass bald persona to brand themselves and in some cases, even make a living out of it! Now that’s an exclusive club full of winners I’m privileged to be part of. Think about it – while there are the majority of guys down and depressed about losing their hair, these guys can voluntarily brand themselves as bald guys and make such a positive difference in the world. It’s all about perspective!

24. No more dandruff

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: Dandruff isn’t generally such a big issue when you have a full head of hair but when you’re balding, it’s hard to deal with because it’s only oiling and shampooing that’s going to get rid of it, meaning more fidgeting with your hair, resulting in more strands buying that one way ticket off your scalp. It’s uncomfortable and can even give you a sickly feeling inside because if you have a lot of dandruff, you just have to get it out. Once you get that straight, there’s no way to get rid of it without also getting rid of a bunch of hair against your will. It’s hard, it’s uncomfortable, it’s not something you want to deal with.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: Dan… what? Bald heads don’t get easily visible dandruff because there isn’t really any hair/ accumulated oil to clump the dead skin cells together and make them visible. Also, if you do notice any flaking, you aren’t in the least phased because it’s a good reason to give your head a good cleanse, which feels bloody great! Basically à Dandruff no more!

25. Can’t ever be called out for being a b**ch!

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: There’s that prevalent risk you’ll be called out when you’re balding and trying to hide it. Odds are someone is going to point it out, maybe have a couple of jabs at you and make you too self-conscious and uncomfortable to just be in the moment and enjoy yourself. Even if this doesn’t happen (highly unlikely) you’ll always be weary of your surroundings because you’re too sensitive about your hair and are trying to hide something. As long as you don’t love yourself 100% and accept who you are, people will notice and it’s you’re going to be called out, especially by your real compadres.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: You’re the last person anyone is going to dare to call a bitch. Not only because you’ll probably look tougher but because you’ve clearly managed to man up and embrace your bald head like a champ. No one will have a reason to call you out because there’s nothing you’re hiding and nothing to call you out on. Be yourself, be confident, be transparent and love yourself and there’s no way you’ll ever be the one left out on the lower rungs of the ladder.

26. You can take a good joke

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: Bald jokes can sting and you just won’t be able to understand how people can be so insensitive and poke fun at one of your deepest insecurities. Thanks to Murphy’s law, you’ll start noticing bald jokes in every TV show and circumstance where you never noticed them before – because it’s what’s dominating your thoughts. You’ll be a little worse every time you come across one of these jokes/ jabs and feel victimized. A good part of Seinfeld’s or Curb Your Enthusiasm’s jokes are based on baldness and you’d be a fool to take it personally and not enjoy them.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: Bald jokes are some of the funniest jokes out there and especially being able to crack them yourself is one of the most liberating feelings you’ll experience. If anyone ever asks you the retarded “Why don’t you grow your hair back?” you can smile and happily say “Because I’m getting a head start on nature”, instead of getting into the whole backstory of how you’re losing your hair and feel destroyed. Humour is one of the greatest gifts of life and you need to be able to joke about being bald, which you will once you truly embrace it.

“I think I must be going bald… it’s taking longer and longer to wash my face in the mornings”

27. Be a strong personality/ a role model

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: I’d say anyone wants to be a role model, to be looked up to, admired and respected. If you’re hiding from your macho bald head, you obviously don’t even respect yourself enough to be who you truly are because you’re ashamed. There’s no way you can be your best self, the most confident version of you and a role model to anyone else, if you don’t love and respect yourself. You’ll never be able to truly recognize your full potential.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: It might have been a difficult journey but once you started to buzz/ shave your head and start accepting and coming to terms with being bald, your confidence and sense of self would have multiplied ten-fold. You have nothing you’re trying to conceal. You’re open, transparent, proud of whom you are and feel a lot better about yourself because of these reasons. You can live up to your potential because there’s n othing hampering you and people will see this and start admiring and respecting you. There’s a reason the no. 1 thing women look for in a guy is confidence – because it’s the sexiest thing you can wear. You won’t have to walk around with a slouched back, feeling judged all the time because you know who you are and you feel fantastic about it. The next time people meet you, they won’t see you as “Joe, the guy who’s thinning”, but as “Joe, that confident, radiating guy I wish I was more like”. Your personality will shine first and that’s what needs to happen for you to be able to gain respect and authority.

28. Never feel uneasy again

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: You can’t help but be edgy because you’re insecure and always continuously away from reality. You’ll feel uneasy all of the time because you aren’t comfortable in your skin. This in turn is going to mean you won’t be as productive, forthcoming or confident and won’t be able to project the image you know you should, because not being able to embrace the fact that you’re bald is like having a guvnor on a Ferrari. You can try to floor the gas pedal all you want but there’s no way you’re going beyond 100 mph.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: The guvnor is off; you’re ready to conquer the world with your newfound confidence, charm and personality. If you think you’re lacking in area, you can forge ahead and develop yourself with absolutely nothing there to hold you back any longer. You can also just feel free and completely open to anything. Small things like someone standing over your head of sitting a level above (behind) you isn’t going to make you freak out. These thoughts just dissipate over time and you start to evolve into the person you want to be; the inner (real) you finally gets to shine through.

29. Glorify the tough guy image

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: A balding guy who’s too scared to shave his head can under no circumstances be seen as a though guy. It’s a different story if you’re a mob boss ordering murders like take-outs but for the average person not related to the Al Capone, you can’t be that badass baller who means business unless you radiate confidence from within.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: Not only can you, but you probably will show off that tough guy image just by virtue of shaving your head and embracing it like a baller. This isn’t a bad thing at all and I’m not saying you have to pump up and live up to the stereotype at all. You will be default feel a lot tougher after some time passed from the time you start embracing your bald look because you’ll feel damn proud and accomplished for having accepted something like losing your hair and owning it like a real man. This along with the general perception of bald guys being more macho, virile and tough is definitely going to help you stand out and be the alpha – and which guy doesn’t want to be the alpha male?

30. Enjoy martial arts/ advantage in a fight

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: You’re petrified of your hair being pulled on or messed around with. I assume you aren’t going in for a cat fight where you pull on each other’s hair but your hair will definitely get ruffled in any fight. In a fight, you need to be agile, focused and extremely reactive. You don’t get time to set your dying locks of hair back. All in all, you won’t have the ability to jump into any sparring session and go all in because let’s face it, if you haven’t completely buzzed/ shaved your head, you’re going to be scared of losing more hair the entire time. You need to feel like a beast to excel at any martial arts sparring session or street fight and that just won’t happen until you wholeheartedly start loving your bald head.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: You don’t care about hair falling because you’ve overtaken Mother Nature and dealt with it entirely. You look great, feel better and you’re in beast mode, 24*7, ready to take on the world. This is a huge advantage over being your old self-conscious self because you’re aware, in the moment, attentive and reactive – essential components to mastery in and sport. It’s these traits and feeling truly powerful and invincible from within that you can experience after you start to buzz/shave your head and feel great about yourself. It all adds up, allowing you to be the best you can be at any sport, especially martial arts/ fighting. Of course the added bonus is your hair can never be tugged at, so that’s one leg up right there. 🙂



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