45 Fantastic reasons to be Bald Part-1

I follow a lot of Bald Guys on social media. I’m passionate about being Bald and living the Bald lifestyle. I guess you could say I’m a Bald enthusiast with an interest in everything shaving from different razors to different shaving products.

I had the great privelage of following @HairlossBaldwin, He’s a great BaldGuy with alot to say about our Bald community. He recently put out 45 Fantastic reasons to be Bald in 3 parts, so naturally I thought all 3 parts needed a home here on thebaldnation.com. It’s obvious and I think you will also agree @HairlossBaldwin has put a lot of thought into these 45 fantastic reasons to be Bald.

So here you go, the 45 fantastic reasons to be Bald part 1. You can can also find these 45 Fantastic reasons on his website HairlossBaldWin.com

It’s 2014 and being bald is cool. It’s in, it’s hip, it’s something more and more guys have to deal with at a younger age and it’s perfectly normal. Deciding to shave my head was the best decision I could have ever made. It liberated me and allowed me to live freely again. If you’re balding or know someone that is, here are 75 reasons why being bald is awesome and why embracing (buzzing/shaving and loving) it is the absolute best way to deal with it.

 1. You can enjoy your showers

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: You’re terrified of showers because of the amount of hair you’ll find on your hands, the floor and while trying to dry your hair. The hair just doesn’t stop shedding and if it’s the day you need to shampoo, it can be so confrontational it’ll often raise your heart beat more than a whole horde of characters in a horror house can. You just can’t enjoy the water pouring over your head and how good it feels because you’re so paranoid to even let water touch your head for fear of how much hair is going to fell out. Putting shampoo just adds fuel to the fire because it’s not like the amount falling out is restricted to a certain amount… hair is continually falling out when you apply the shampoo, when you massage your scalp, when you wash it out and then dry the hair that survived the shower.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: You look forward to showers more than you ever did before. This is especially caused by the fear you’ve experienced in the past completely being pushed out of the picture. Once you completely accept/ embrace that you’re heading towards being a proud bald guy, you don’t care about how many hairs are shedding. Additionally, it just isn’t as noticeable anymore because you’ve either buzzed or shaved it and even though it’s still shedding like mad, you aren’t constantly reminded of it because you just can’t see the tiny hairs. You can start to truly enjoy showers, massage your scalp, enjoy the feeling of warm water pouring over your head and stop freaking out altogether. You can finally enjoy showers like most people do instead of treating them like torture that you have to put yourself through to be a part of society.

2. No clogged drains

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: Not only do you have to go through the emotional trauma as you watch your hair falling off, never to return again, you then have a clogged drain to deal with. Either you let it collect and pick it up every time or you just remove the filter so it goes straight in. If you take off the filter, it’s really just a temporary fix because you’ll have to get a plumber to unclog your drain soon enough. Having to pick up heaps of hair from the drain every single day is just a cruel reminder that you’re going bald. It’s like getting slapped and being forced to apologize.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: Suddenly, you’re avoiding tons of emotional trauma and saving heaps of time. Either you’ve shaved your head and have no hairs in the drain at all, or you’ve buzzed it short enough so it won’t clog the drain in any case. You probably won’t ever have a clogged drain to deal with (at least not as a consequence your shrinking follicles). Of course, the added benefit of not having to pick up the hair and remind yourself of the amount you lost that’ll never return is a major bonus. It’s the best thing – have a shower, not care about how much hair you shed or what’s in the drain and just walk out like a boss.

3. No hair in your food

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: Okay, I’ll admit it’s not too often that I found hair in my food while I was aggressively losing my hair but it certainly happened more than a couple of times. Compared to most foods, finding hair in soups is just a pain. If you’re like most, you probably won’t be able to finish that soup and you’ve also just been reminded that you’re going bald. You can’t even sit down to enjoy a nice meal without thinking about the fact that you’re going bald (Unless you’re the guy on the right). Why put yourself through that?

After buzzing/ shaving your head: Gorging down on food is the best thing in the world. There’s a < 0% chance of you ever finding hair in your food so it’s just not a thought you ever have to deal with again. Think about that… the nagging thought of hair falling into your food (unless you wear a baseball cap to eat) will never cross your mind for the rest of your life. Talk about being liberated!

4. No more worrying

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: This is one of the biggest advantages of embracing your bald head and one that I could easily write a series of books on. The worst part about losing your hair is the constant worry and paranoia. How will I look bald? Can I pull it off? Will I still be attractive?
There’s this constant 
fear of the unknown that you just can’t overcome as long as you don’t know what you’ll look and feel like as a proud bald guy. It’s because the future is so uncertain and scary, that you just won’t be able to stop worrying about what it’ll be like. You know for sure that you’re losing your hair and that you’ll be bald sooner or later but you just don’t know how the process is going to unfold. Should you try to stop it using mythical pills and potions? Should you give surgery a go? What if nothing works? What if the results aren’t permanent? You don’t want things to change but you know they inevitably will and until and unless you have a definite outlook on how you’re going to deal with going bald, you’ll never be able to fully accept and love yourself and stop worrying. It’s not possible. Even if you aren’t paranoid, you’ll always be subtly reminded of the fact that you’re balding, which will cause you to worry, often freak out and even get severely depressed.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: Will your worries completely go away? Honestly, once you get a little comfortable with your new look and genuinely accept it, YES! Yes, your worries will completely disappear because now there’s nothing you’re apprehensive about. You’ve shaved/ buzzed your head and that’s it. It can’t get any worse (I say ‘worse’ because a balding guy will never think it’s going to be anything but). There’s absolutely no reason to worry about anything anymore, because you’ve conquered your fear and owned it like a man. You know nothing can ever happen to your head of hair anymore which frankly speaking gives you quite an upper hand over guys with a full head of hair because let’s face it, you never know when mother nature can strike and set them on their glorious balding journey. In your case, you’ve already dealt with it and never have to think about it for the rest of your life. It might be the case that you still wish you had hair and all that good stuff but let me remind you, nothing is permanent, not even your existence. You won’t live forever, so stop whining away the short life you’ve been gifted. All good things must come to an end – everything happens for a reason - etc, etc, etc.

5. You’ll enjoy sex a lot more

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: It’s a nightmare. You’re going to shed like a tree in autumn and there’s going to be hair on the pillows, all over the sheets and actually ON your partner (and in his/her mouth) which just ruins any fun and euphoria you should be experiencing. You just can’t be the beast you are with no restrictions (which is paramount to enjoying sex). You need to be completely comfortable with yourself and if you’re constantly thinking about your hair falling all over the place and how awkward that’ll make the experience, you’ll never be able to enjoy it as much as you deserve to.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: The experience is above and beyond anything it was before you decided to take the plunge. It’s unrestricted pleasure because you aren’t conscious of your head being touched/ stroked/ rubbed/ massaged… You aren’t held back anymore and it’s an exceedingly sensual experience because (odd as it may sound) your bald head adds another dimension for your partner + it’s ridiculously arousing for your partner and you. Moreover, once you aren’t so self-conscious, your confidence is amplified which is a HUGE game changer.

6. Don’t have to be scared of the wind

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: Makes me chuckle every time I think about it. I currently live in the Netherlands and cycling is just something you do here. Whether it’s a windy day or not, there’s going to be some light breeze blowing against your head and other than messing up whatever style you’ve combed your remaining strands in, it also looks ridiculous when only a few strands awkwardly stand up and worse than that, it’s just scary to think of how many hairs you would have lost in the course of that 10/15 minute bike ride. Even if you don’t cycle, it’s just a frightful experience to walk around on a windy day and it’s genuinely tiring to have to constantly think of how to best dodge the wind and get from point A to B. It’s just no way to live. Sure you can always have a hat on but wearing a hat only to shelter the hair that doesn’t even want to be on your head doesn’t seem like a fair deal.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: Finally, you can experience and enjoy the elements like a normal human being, like you’re meant to. Windy? Rainy? High humidity? Great! You don’t have to give a rat’s ass about what the weather is like anymore. It won’t affect you decisions anymore like before. Can you imagine that you previously let the weather (a little wind here and there, a slight drizzle) affect the decisions you make in life? Love your bald head and experience the thrill of being free and unrestricted as a ramification of your own choices. The power (the trimmer/ razor) is literally in your hands!

7. Enjoy swimming/ the beach

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: Not much explanation needed here. Simply put, if you’re paranoid about losing your hair at whatever age, you aren’t the most eager person to jump in the pool or beach. Being limited when it comes to making such simple choices as jumping in the pool for fear of losing hair should be unfathomable.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: All you want is to do jump in the water and swim like a dolphin with that new aerodynamic head of yours, especially given the fact that there’s 0 maintenance/ fixing needed once you’re out of the water. How can you not want to give yourself that advantage in life, especially when on vacation?

8. No hair in your hats

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: Whether you wear hats regularly or not, I’m sure there are at least a few times you’ve worn a cap/ hat. While you’re balding, this can be quite a challenge because of the hat hair you have to deal with once you take the hat off. While this isn’t an issue when you’re home, doing it when you’re out can be quite uncomfortable, if you’re conscious about going bald like most guys. You can’t just take off the hat and mess around with your hair or forcefully gel it back because an absurd amount of hair is going to come lose in your hands, and you probably don’t want that happening in front of your friends, however much they love your balding head. Other than that, you can never just borrow a friend’s hat and try it on because you know you’ll probably have to scan it and pick out all the strands of hair before returning it. It’s just not something you’d want to deal with. Basically, something as simple and innocent as trying on a hat can turn into a chore if you don’t just decide to shave/ buzz your head or at least keep it really really short. It might be an exaggeration for some but I can attest to finding no less than 4/5 strands of hair in any hat that I tried on, for even 2 seconds.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: Congratulations, you’ve been through the rite of passage and can wear all the hats you want, whether they’re yours or your friends’, forever and for always, without a bother in the world. Not only can you rock a hat like no other (somehow, bald guys have an innate talent for pulling off hats), you’ll also never ever have to intensively search any hat for the change of your hairs being noticeably visible. Think about that, you’ll never have to think twice before wearing a hat! It’s the little things that can make going bald a horrific experience unless you decide to accept it - little drops of water make a mighty (ugly) ocean.

9. Start living in the moment

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: You can never truly live in the moment. Maybe sometimes, but not for too long because you’re repeatedly confronted with the fact that you’re going balk, every time you see a reflection, every time someone stands behind you, every time the wind blows, every time you get ready to go out, whenever you’re in the club and in numerous other situations. It’s hard to be in a club (where you try to look your best) and be truly confident when you’re extremely sensitive about your hair. You simply won’t be in the moment because you’re always obsessing about what others think of your hair, how noticeable you’re thinning is, whether you’re attractive with thinning hair etc. You’re never really you.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: It’s definitely not a cake walk because in the beginning you’ll be even more stressed about how you look bald or with a buzz cut than you did when you were trying to hide your beastly bald head. After a while though, when nothing changes, you’ll get more and more used to the look and become increasingly aware of the fact that you’re being 100% transparent, not trying to hide anything. This slowly starts sprouting some innate confidence in you and you become so used to your stellar bald look that you stop thinking about it and it seizes to affect your thoughts and actions. When you’re out, you stop thinking “I wonder what people think of my thinning hair and how it’ll look in pictures”. You go from that to “This is me. Yeah, I’m bald but I absolutely love the look and feel like a million bucks… I got nothing to hide, come at me… bro!”

10. You would have conquered one of man’s greatest fears

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: Well before accepting it, you’re living one of man’s greatest fears… “Men’s” to be more specific. Losing the hair that you’ve grown up with, that’s part of your identity isn’t easy and it’s definitely a scary experience, at first.

After buzzing/ shaving your head:  You’ve done it! Never again in your life will you have to think or worry about losing your hair. It’s virtually impossible. To this day, the thought of having triumphed over balding makes me happy as a mug because I vividly remember how frightened I was about my life pretty much being over and I also know how brilliant it feels to be on the other side, loving my bald head and knowing that I’ll never ever have to spend a single moment (losing my hair) over it… pun intended! Despite not being one of the 7 points mentioned, do take note of the picture they Yourtango.com decided to use in this article. It’s also the greatest aging fear, admitted by an astounding 94% of men! The fact that it’s an ‘aging’ fear can make it even terrifying for young guys going bald – I know it did for me. But I soon realized how common it is for guys to start balding in their teens these days and this made it even sweeter because it meant I could conquer this irrational fear of going bald, never have to deal with it again and actually look younger as I age!

11. Getting younger as you age

Before buzzing/shaving your head: Your hair reflects your age, meaning you age relatively quickly when you choose to live in your cocoon of hair loss denial. You not only start looking older soon after you start thinning (at whatever age) but actually age a lot faster and more aggressively than someone who isn’t thinning or someone who was able to embrace their manhood and shave. At some point, the crop of hair remaining just starts to look atrocious and desperate to the point that you look like a withering old man, even in your 40s. I’ve seen it time and time again – guys in their 40s walking around with drooping shoulder unable to stand up proud because they’re still reeling from the fact that they’re practically bald and just can’t accept it to the point that they can be decisive and shave. I don’t know if it’s because of the way now being proud of your bald head affects your personality or just the physical appearance but not embracing balding and shaving your head is a precarious middle ground between being a happy camper with a full head of hair and a happy camper with a bald head of awesome nothingness. You definitely don’t want to be stuck in the middle on this one!

After buzzing/shaving your head: You’ll be forever young, just like Jay-Z wishes he could (ref. lyrics). It’s really one of the most amazing and wonderful benefits of being bald that you can enjoy. Think about it – two decades later and you’ll look pretty much exactly the way you look now. While others are freaking out about greying or thinning, there you are, happy as a clam with no worries about either of the two aging dilemmas. If for whatever reason you’re older and single, more power to you because your odds or getting the woman you want increase exponentially, since you just don’t/ can’t look as old as you actually are. That in turn makes you feel younger and the positive circle of youth continues to serve you. Quick note: being fit and feeling good about yourself physically is huge when it comes to strengthening your bond with your fountain of youth. With a clean dome you exhibit no signs of aging and if you manage to stay fit and radiate confidence because of the combination of rocking a slick chrome dome and feeling physically great, you’re untouchable!

12. Wear white/ light colors without your clothes getting covered in hair

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: White is a brilliantly neutral color and one that most people look great in. I can’t speak for every guy but I can confirm for a good number including myself that wearing white was quite an ordeal when the locks kept shedding like skin off a molting serpent. Of course the number of strands that shed weren’t any more than usual (about 10-15 every time I took off my t-shirt and decided to count) but they were just so apparent and noticeable that it was hard to even think of wearing white because it would immediately trigger the thought of finding hair all over whatever I decided to wear that day. This isn’t just something I noticed myself when changing either. Hair would start to collect on the collar and around the shoulders and as if I hadn’t noticed, having a cute girl point it out to me once was devastating. I honestly think that was the last day I wore white till I managed to grow a pair and start buzzing with no guard. I’ve noticed the same on other guys’ clothes and not just white clothes but any light colors for that matter. I’ve seen how uncomfortable it made them and I just couldn’t continue putting myself through what I could see was a pitiable excuse for a guy’s existence. All in all, you have to think twice and avoid most light colors unless you’re okay with having visible strands of hair all over your clothes and being reminded of your hair loss until and unless you at least start buzzing your head with no guard.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: Wear whatever your heart desires and look damn good while you’re at it! It’s a treat waking up and not having to contemplate wearing a white shirt despite really wanting to just because others might start noticing some hair on your clothes. I honestly don’t know how I lived like that on a day to day basis. I LOVE white and a lot of bright colours for that matter and had to resort to cladding myself in dark robes because I was too scared to get rid of the hair that was causing me so much misery. Like everything else, when you’ve started to lose your hair and you know the inevitable is coming, buzzing or shaving your head solves all your issues, both mental and in this case, physical too!

13. Save money on doctors and medication

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: This is definitely something that you’ve heard more often than you’d like… the dreaded costs of getting on propecia (finasteride) for the rest of your life or of the surgeries (often more than one) that you have to put yourself through. It’s true, any of these so called treatments do cost a ridiculous amount of money and other than the financial hit you take (often over $100,000) over your life, it’s the constant stressing, paranoia, lack of satisfaction with the results and daily obsessing with the (lack of) progress that end up consuming your life. If we can say time is money, you’re investing well over the $100,000 because you lose precious time being preoccupied with your dying strands of hair, when you could have in fact been living, investing your time in a business and all in all being a happier, more productive and consequently a richer person – literally! Check out the ‘6 realistic options’ infographic to get estimates of the financial cost of refusing to accept your hair loss.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: Congratulations, you’re free! You have absolutely no reason to spend a dime on any doctor, medication, special shampoo, artistic haircuts that attempt to camouflage your bald head etc. These thoughts never even cross your mind once you start enjoying regularly buzzing/ shaving your head and the amount of time that frees up for you in this short existence is worth millions right there. You’ll never have to contemplate having your skull cut open to harvest a strip of hair, to worry about potentially becoming impotent because you couldn’t accept your beautiful bald head or about how much more hair you’ve lost, every time that you look in the mirror. I don’t know how to put this any better – you’re literally free! You’re like a bird that was caged and just had to nudge the door open to escape… and by accepting the fact that you’re a handsome, proud, confident bald man, you’ve managed to escape and dominate the skies like the majestic bald eagle!

14. Avoid a permanent scar you’ll regret

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: The chance is always there and if you’re desperate enough to try and salvage whatever hair you have left, you always run the risk of giving in and going for the dreaded surgery with consistently less than satisfactory results. The worst part is that this scar will remain; stretched from ear to ear like a big stupid smile which you wish your head wasn’t the canvas for.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: There’s less than a 1% chance that you’d think of going for surgery in an attempt to re-establish the feeble colony of dead cells on your head. At least in my time, I’ve never heard of a proud bald guy who regularly buzzes or shaves his head wanting his hair back. 99% of the time, not only do we completely forget what we looked like with hair… we actually feel such an innate sense of pride and accomplishment for having accepted being bald that we actually get addicted to shaving itself. I know, it sounds unimaginable if you’re petrified about going bald but ask any proud bald guy and he’ll confirm how much he loves shaving clean. It’s just the way it is and communities like SlyBaldGuys prove just that.

15. Quickest possible showers

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: Forget about how long it takes to have a shower – it’s just the thought of having a shower in the first place that scared the living daylights out of a guy who can just run his hand through his head and find no less than 5 – 15 strands falls straight out. It’s just the worst thing. In my case at least, I need to shower in the mornings or I don’t feel fresh and can’t have the productive day I’d like. A shower definitely involves getting your head wet though, because that’s when you really wake up. So I’d try to let water gently pour over my head but make sure not to touch the hair because I knew the shedding at least tripled when the hair was wet. Following the shower, I was too scared to wipe my head for the same reason so all in all, not only would I have a terrible shower and end up with the same greasy hair that now looked even more ridiculous – it would actually cost me an insane amount of time too! I’d have to start my shower at least an hour before leaving my place because I’d have to give my hair time to try and very lightly set it in place so I wouldn’t look like a hobo all day. Life was terrible because this inadequacy would play into the rest of my day.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: So I mentioned earlier how you can actually enjoy showers once you aren’t constantly paranoid about touching your head but something that needs attention too is the sheer amount of time you save. It’s absolutely incredible! I can be in and out in 3 minutes, feel fresh as a butterfly that just emerged out of its cocoon, dry my beautiful head and I’m done. I’m done with my shower, I feel fresh, I look great (no uncertainty) and I’m going to have an amazing and uninhibited day. It’s definitely something every single accepting bald guy can relate to without a doubt!


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