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Triple Butter For Your Head And Face!


When you look for new shaving soap what do you look for. Do you pay closer attention to the container that it comes packaged in? If the answer is yes what kind of container do you look for and what functions do you wish the container to have. If you pay more attention to the product inside of the container do you want it to be more natural or doesn’t it matter to you? I know, I know all these important questions to ask yourself before you buy. I personally look for both what kind of container the product is packaged in and what the ingredients are. I like the containers that have plenty of room for lather giving you the option of whether you need a bowl. Tins are some of my favorite soap containers, they are easy to store and are air tight protecting the soap or cream that’s inside. Tins are also easier to store since they normally have a flat surface, you can stack them on top of each other making storage a breeze. I recently had the opportunity to review the ‘Triple Butter Shaving Soap’ from Prohibition Style and it was exactly what I was looking for in a shave soap and I’m sure once you try it for yourself you will love it too.

I was eager to try the ‘Triple Butter Shaving Soap’ from Prohibition Style since my experience with soaps that contain natural butters have all been good. What I was most excited about was the fact that this soap contained three natural butters that all have skin care benefits that help to heal and promote healthy skin which is very important when it comes to shaving. Shaving always causes trauma to your skin at some level no matter what razors you use. The smoother and less irritable the shave is the less traumatic it is to your skin, but let’s get one thing straight, you are still running a razor across your skin causing skin damage. A good preventable measure is to start using a good pre and post prep routine. This routine helps prep the skin through shaving oils and pre shave soap adding more glide so your razor needs less pressure on the skin to get the job done. The post prep routine helps rehydrate and nourish your skin after your shave is done decreasing the risk of razor burn and further irritation. A good post prep routine can also help to increase the pliability and suppleness of your skin. The three butters Cocoa, Mango and Shae found in the ‘Triple Butter Shaving Soap’ as well as the ‘Glycerin’ and ‘Vitamin E Oil’ have positive attributes for both pre and post prep shaving routines.

The ‘Triple Butter Shave Soap’ from Prohibition Style came packaged in a round aluminum tin that was a little wider and deeper than the puck of soap itself. This size difference gives you the option of either building your lather in the same tin or using your own shave bowl. The puck was harder in consistency so I decided to bloom it right away in the same container it came in to unlock its full potential. I filled the tin submerging the puck with hot water for about 15 minutes and then drained the same water into another container and sit it off to the side. This water is infused with the soap so using it to rehydrate your lather makes it more creamy. I started to rotate the bristles of my brush over the top of the soap with minimal pressure creating a thick and creamy lather right away. In less than two minutes I had a rich and robust lather. I used the water that I saved in a separate container to rehydrate the lather as needed. The lather was thick and plentiful adding a lot of extra slickness and cushion for my razor to glide across the surface of my skin. I had minimal irritation after my nightly shave was over with but I contribute that to my razor choice. The razor I chose was more aggressive and always causes slight irritation. The second night I used a more mild razor and had zero irritation. Would I recommend the ‘Triple Butter Shaving Soap’ from Prohibition Style? Absolutely! The ‘Triple Butter Shaving Soap’ from Prohibition Style is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation and all those in between. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day.


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