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Cut Throat Shaving with KC Shave Co.

One thing is for sure, you always remember your first shave. Whether it’s the first shave of your life or the first shave with a safety or straight razor, the first shave is most of the time what you will compare all other shaves to. I remember the very first time I shaved. I remember what razor it was and what kind of experience I had. I also remember my first head shave and my first shave with a safety razor. I’m kind of a sentimental guy when it comes to certain things and remembering what razor I used when reaching a milestone in my shaving routine is something I will always remember. My very first shave was with a one blade disposable razor. That did not last long until I switched to the Gillette Mach 3. The Mach 3 was also what I used for my first head shave. My first shave with a safety razor was with a Colonel Conk #718 and is still one of my all time favorite razors. Moving on the next big milestone that I passed a while back was my first shave with a straight razor. This was an important milestone to me since I’ve wanted to accomplish this for a while. A straight razor signifies an acknowledgement for old school shaving and preserving the fine art of cut throat shaving. A straight razor shave is definitely a gentleman’s shave from start to finish that takes time and concentration. You definitely are not going to pick up a straight razor and complete a full shave the first time. A full straight razor shave takes practice and lots of persistence. How much time and dedication you devote to learning is exactly what you will get out of it. It’s blood sweat and tears all the way I guess you could say but the pay off is worth it all the way.

shaving with a straight razor has many benefits for your skin. There is less chances of irritation compared to other forms of shaving. Not to long ago I had the chance to review a straight razor kit from Kcshave co.com. This was going to be my first experience with a straight razor and a new mile stone in my shaving routine. The straight razor shaving kit from KC Shave Co. came in a sturdy flip top cardboard box with the KC brand logo on top of the lid. I flipped open the lid and the contents found inside of the box consisted of one 3 inch leather strop along with a nylon strap. The nylon strap is used to realign and prevent oxidation build up on the blade. The leather strap is used to keep the edge of your blade nice and sharp. The next item that came in the shave kit was the ‘Matteo’ straight razor which is KC Shave Co. first right out of the box shave ready razor. This carbon steel blade is weighted and well-balanced for a great shave. The more balanced a razor is the smoother the shave will be. The ‘Matteo’ also came with its own plastic sheath for protection and traveling. The last item that I found inside the box was a 4.4oz tin of their ‘Polished Mahogany’ shave soap. This is their signature blend with a fantastic scent. I took the lid of allowing the aroma to fill the air and set it aside until I was ready for it.

The first thing I did before anything else was strop the razor 50 times back and forth on the nylon side of the strop and then 70 times on the leather side. The ‘Matteo’ does come shave ready right out of the box but I make stroping a priority every time and it also sets the tone for general maintenance. Next it was time to build some lather. I rotated the bristles of my shave brush over the top of the shave soap and in no time I was creating a thin lather that I transferred into my shave bowl. I continued to turn the thin lather into a thick and creamy shave ready lather that felt good on my skin. The lather also provided a lot of cushion and slickness for a great straight razor shave. Since this was my first experience with a straight razor I really took my time with each shave. I did not achieve a full face shave the first time nor did I plan on doing so. I practiced on different areas of my face for several weeks before I attempted a full face shave. I started shaving both sides of my cheeks and then moved on to shaving my neck. After several shaves I added my upper lip and chin. This area took me the longest and it was one of the most sensitive parts of my face. Then I shaved one whole side of my face, lathered the other side and completed the same process. After a couple of shaves I accomplished my first shave with two passes. I took my time with the ‘Matteo’ straight razor and by the end of the whole process the weighted blade felt very natural in my hand. The blade became easy to maneuver and manipulate around some difficult areas. I felt very comfortable with the ‘Matteo’ straight razor and it made my first experience very pleasurefull. Would I suggest this razor to any new beginner? Absolutely! The straight razor kit from KC Shave Co. is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation and all those in between. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day.


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