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I know I’ve said this once or twice or maybe three times but I’ll say it again. I love shaving kits! There a full shaving routine in a box. I love reviewing shaving kits because I look forward to seeing how each product compliments each other. There are many different types of kits available starting from getting everything you need to get started down to the bare bones of soap and razor. Each kit is different depending on what website you buy your kit from. What I like most of all is that buying a kit takes all the hard work out of it. You don’t have to search countless websites finding the right products to suite your needs, you can just buy it all in a kit and be done with it. is a small veterans owned business. Just because they are small it doesn’t mean their soaps lack the quality to provide you with a smooth shave. All of their soaps are handmade in small batches so they can ensure a top quality product every time. Small artisan companies make their soaps in small batches so they can monitor and concentrate on quality control. They can use more natural ingredients that always offer great skin care benefits with less irritation. I had the opportunity to review their ‘Special Mission’ shave kit which comes packaged in a small but sturdy WWII themed box that fits perfectly into a small priority express mail box so you can send it as a gift if you want to. What I like about this WWII themed box is how compact it is. When I opened my mail box and pulled it out I didn’t hear the contents inside the box rolling around. I could tell by the weight of the box that it contained several items and I knew right away that they were safe.

The contents of the box were as followed. One Omega-S Synthetic shaving brush, A heavy weight tear drop long handled chrome safety razor and one tin of soap with the scent of your choosing. I chose the ‘Pilot’ because of the Sandalwood and Cedar notes. The synthetic bristles of the Omega-S brush are made from PBT fiber that feels softer on the skin and lasts even longer than natural fiber brushes. The synthetic fibers of the Omega-S are corrugated improving the performance related to holding and releasing lather during shaving. The heavy weight tear drop safety razor holds true to its description. I was surprised at just how heavy it was. The hefty tear drop shaped handle feels comfortable in the palm of your hand. It was easy to grip and hold on to during shaving. The head of the razor screws of the neck of the handle and separates into two pieces for blade exchange. What I like most about this safety razor is how the safety bars located on the side of the head curve downward increasing comfort. After several shaves with this razor I realized that with the safety bars curving downward the strict thirty degree angle needed with most safety razors did not necessarily apply. The curvature of the safety bars made this razor head very forgiving. The chrome plated finish was a nice touch and made it very easy to keep clean. The ‘Pilot’ shave soap came packaged in a 4 oz. aluminum tin. You won’t find chemical dyes or color additives in the soap from Victory Shaving, just good old-fashioned quality handcrafted product made in small batches to ensure the highest quality possible.

The ‘Pilot’ shave soap contains some natural ingredients that have many skin care benefits improving your shaving routine as well. Soybean-Coconut-Olive and Castor Oil, Kokum Butter, Shea Butter and Bentonite Clay help in keeping your skin soft and smooth while fighting the signs of aging. These natural ingredients help sooth dry and irritated skin, Decreased irritation caused by bug bites and stings, These natural ingredients can also act as a natural sun block and treat sunburn, These natural ingredients also help retain water in the skin increasing moisture keeping your skin soft, smooth and supple. I soaked my brush before using it to open up the bristles and soften them up. I removed the lid of the ‘Pilot’ shave soap allowing the scent of ‘Sandalwood’ and ‘Cedar’ to permeate the air. I started to rotate the bristles of my brush in a circular motion across the top of the soap to create a lather that I transferred into my shave bowl, after a couple more rotations the lather turned thick and creamy. It felt very luxurious on my skin and also provided a lot of slickness and cushion for my razor to glide across the surface of my skin with minimal pressure decreasing the chances of irritation.

The very forgiving razor head of the long-handled chrome tear drop safety razor made switching between angles during shaving easy. I don’t suggest changing angles during a full stroke of the razor. Always stop shaving before changing angles so you don’t cause serious injury. I use multiple angles during head shaving, the angle depends on what part of my head I’m shaving at that specific time. I always start on the top of my head and shave front to back pulling the razor against the grain in a 30 degree angle. I next shave both of the top curved portions of the sides of my head at a constant 30 degrees. These angles are a little tricky since your shaving on a constant angle. I will tell you from experience that these two areas were the hardest for me when I started shaving my head. From there I move on to the sides and start  shaving from the top down pulling the razor, then from back to front dragging the razor across my skin very gently with an even pressure. The angle of the razor stays at 30 degrees every time. The back part of my head always takes the longest to shave since it’s a bigger area. I start from the top and work my way down, then I turn the razor upside down and start from the bottom and work my way up. Both directions at a 15-30 degree angle. I use my fingers to feel around for missed areas cleaning it up with a few short strokes from right to left or vice versa. That’s pretty much my shaving routine from start to finish.

I liked the performance and functionality of the tear dropped razor in different areas. The length and heftiness of the handle makes the razor well-balanced giving it a lot of stability. A razor with stability gains your trust and you feel more comfortable using it. The forgiving head increase the comfort of each shave and decreases the chance of razor burn and irritation. Switching between the multiple angles I use each time during head shaving was smooth and comfortable. I was really impressed with this safety razor and I think it’s a great item to find in any wet shaving kit. I really enjoyed reviewing the ‘Special Mission Kit’ from VictoryShavingCompany.Com it’s full of quality shaving products that give you a great shave every time, if you haven’t checked out their website yet I suggest you do so now. The ‘Special Mission Kit’ is approved by Thebaldnation for our bald nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!


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