VanYulay Third Project Week Four Summary



I decided to pick ‘Patchouli’ for the fourth week summary of the third Vanyulay soap project. Before I go any further let me just say that I’m very satisfied with how my skin looks and feels. The soaps from VanYulay keep my skin looking healthy and smooth with a constant warm glow and supple feeling. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with the ‘Patchouli’ shave soap from VanYulay. The ‘Patchouli’ shave soap comes from the ‘Hercules’ line which is one soap formulated from goat milk and glycerin that has over 350 available fragrances to choose from. I really like this concept of one soap that offers an abundance of different fragrances. You could have multiple scents from one kind of soap that functions and offers the same kind of creamy lather every time. The ‘Hercules’ line is hard with a lot of soft consistencies and has a lot of similarities to a cream based soap. This soap is very heat sensitive so the warmer this soap is the more creamier it gets, just remember a little goes a long way.

I learned just how heat sensitive this soap really is. The central air unit in my house stopped working about a week ago and we are waiting to get it fixed. During this time period in my neck of the woods it’s very warm during the day and with the humidity the evenings are not much cooler until around 2-3 a.m., so its very warm in my house right now. My bathroom is just as warm as the rest of my house is, so when it came time for shaving the soap was nice and soft. If I’m using a very hard shave soap I always add a little water right away to loosen it up before I start working on creating a lather. Since the ‘Patchouli’ shave soap is very soft I don’t have to do that, in fact, I wanted to go the opposite direction and not get any water in the soap. Softer soap won’t absorb water like hard soap does so be very careful. I turned the container upside down and gently pressed the bristles of my brush into the soap coating the tips. I then started to build a shave ready lather in my shave bowl. It didn’t take long to create a thick and creamy lather that felt luxurious on my skin. The lather had a nice ‘Patchouli’ aroma that wasn’t overwhelming but strong enough to notice. After my nightly shave was finished the aroma of the ‘Patchouli’ shave soap slightly lingered through out the night.

The ‘Patchouli’ shave soap from VanYulay contains several natural ingredient such as Glycerin, Soy Bean-Safflower-Coconut-Palm-Manteca-Olive-Emu–Grapeseed-Almond-Castor-Oils, Goat milk, Honey, Kokum-Mango-Coco-Shea-Butters, Chamomile, Calendula, White Kaolin Clay and Vitamin E. These natural ingredients can act as a vitamin enriched conditioner and provide a creamy lather for a clean shave. These ingredients can also help protect your skin during shaving. Last but not least these natural ingredients sooth dry and irritated skin while keeping it soft, smooth and supple. These were just a few examples of the skin care and shaving routine benefits that these natural ingredients have to offer. With only two weeks of this 6 week shave project left I’m looking forward to week five. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!


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