VanYulay Third Project Week One




This first week summary marks the end of the first week of the third VanYulay shave project. Just like the first two projects I started the first week with using all six soaps to get a feel for each one and then decide which soap I wanted to use for the second week of the project. I had six shave soaps to try from VanYulay and I liked each one of them. The ‘Cherry Tobacco’ is labeled a ‘Croap’ which is cross between a hard soap and soft shaving cream. A ‘Croap’ has a solid consistency but is soft enough to press your finger into it and leave an indention. The ‘Cherry Tobacco’ shave soap creates a thick, creamy lather in a short period of time. It contains several natural ingredients such as Cocoa Butter, Calendula and Babassu Oil, Castor and Emu Oil, Aloe Vera, Glycerin and Bentonite Clay. The aroma of the ‘Cherry Tobacco’ is of sweet tobacco which is deep and rich. The ‘Idzan’ shaving soap is a vegan formula following suite with the ‘Cherry Tobacco’ when it comes to being labeled as a ‘Croap’. This soap lathers quickly and also forms a thick and creamy lather. The scent of the ‘Idzan’ creates a pepper and fresh spice aroma that permeates the air during shaving. Grapeseed-Babassu-Castor-Coconut and Argan Oils, Aloe Vera, Glycerin and Kaolin Clay are some of the main natural ingredients found in every tin of ‘Idzan’. The ‘Cherry Tobacco’and ‘Idzan’ shave soap both come in a 4 oz. tin that leaves plenty of room for building lather. A bowl is optional when using these soaps.

The natural ingredients found in both of these soaps have a lot of skin care and shaving routine benefits such as increasing Moisturization keeping skin soft and supple, Protects skin from heat, Helps heal Eczema and psoriasis, Has anti-bacterial, immunostimulant and antioxidant properties, Has mildly astringent and antiseptic qualities, Helps treat slow healing cuts, Helps stimulate production of collagen fighting the effects of aging and increasing the skins elasticity, Helps sooth dry and itchy skin, Also a good source of vitamin E. These are just a few examples of the many benefits these natural ingredients have to offer.

The other two soaps I tried were from the ‘Hercules’ line which is a goat milk and glycerin formula with over 350 fragrances available to try. The two I picked were the ‘Tobacco Vanilla’ and ‘Patchouli’. Both scents permeated the air with a deep aroma. The ‘Tobacco Vanilla’ was very rich while the ‘Patchouli’ not so rich. The strength of aroma from the ‘Patchouli’ was faint and not overwhelming which was surprising to me. I have smelled quite a few patchouli scented shave soap in my time as a wet shaver and they all have been very strong. I’m not a big fan of strong scented shave soap, it irritates my skin and it also can irritate others around me as well. In terms of functionality The two soaps produce the same thick and creamy lather that provides a lot of slickness and also a great cushion that creates a comfortable shave every time with less irritation and razor burn. Since the ‘Hercules’ line is the same soap with a vast variety of fragrances, the amount of lather this soaps can produce is the same depending on how much water you use. A little water goes a long way, too much water will leave your lather thin and runny, not enough water can make your lather dry and thirsty. I always add a little water and then work it into the lather. If I need more water I will add it and repeat the process. Don’t rush the process, a great lather means a more comfortable shave.

The ‘Hercules’ shave soap line have a variety of natural ingredients for great skin care and an even better shaving routine. Glycerin, Goatmilk, Safflower-Coconut-Palm-Manteca-Olive-Emu–Grapeseed-Almond-Castor-Oils, Honey, Kokum-Mango-Coco-Shea-Butters, Chamomile, Calendula, White Kaolin Clay and Vitamin E can produce a vitamin enriched shaving cream that also acts as a conditioner helping to protect your skin while shaving. These natural ingredients help keep your skin soft, smooth and healthy.

Last but not least I also received two tins of soap from the ‘Aquarius’ line. This line also has over 350 scents available. I picked the ‘Black Dragon’ and ‘Dark Fougere’. These soaps are very soft so you are not starting a lather in the tins these soaps come in. A little soap goes a long way. I just gently pushed the bristles of my shave brush into the soap and turned a little bit gathering a small amount and then building a shave ready lather in a shaving bowl. The lather from both soaps were equally thick and creamy that was comforting once spread across my head and face. The ‘Black Dragon’ and ‘Dark Fougere’ have strong rich and dark scents that are very noticeable but not overwhelming long after your done shaving. There is a good reason for this, the ‘Aquarius’ line also serves as a cologne as well as shave soap. Rest assured that once you are done shaving the scent will last for a while. These soaps will keep you smelling fresh and clean long after your shave is done. The ‘Aquarius’ soap line also uses natural ingredients to provide a quality shave every time. Glycerin, Safflower Oil, Aloe Vera, Babassu Oil, Meadow Foam, Rosehip Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Oil, Amino Acids, Sea Clay and  Calendula Oil help increase the skins ability to produce collagen improving elasticity, provides a lot of vitamins and minerals for your skin, helps to rehydrate your skin through increasing moisture content. These natural ingredients keep your skin looking soft, smooth and healthy. I’m looking forward to another six weeks of shaving with the VanYulay soaps. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!


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