Not A Hair Model T-Shirt

Who Needs Hair Any ways?


I’ve said it once and I’ve said it multiple times and I’ll say it again every time. Hair is over rated! A man should never be judged by how much hair he is sporting on his head. However, the media emphasizes man hood by how much hair a man has. There are many products on the market today that claim they can stop hair loss giving hope to the men that use their product. These companies aim their marketing campaigns at the hearts of men that want nothing more than to grow back their lovely locks that have been disappearing not by choice, but by the hands of mother nature. I’m one of the lucky ones, I’m bald by choice and have been for over twenty years now. I support the bald lifestyle 100% and I’m not afraid to show it. I also believe in being compassionate toward others and I realize that not every bald man shares my love for being bald. My heart truly goes out to the men that feel their life is over because they are loosing their hair. I hope that one day their struggle on hair loss ends by either finding the product that really does work, or, they join me and embrace the bald lifestyle because they will love it. There are so many reasons why the bald lifestyle is the only lifestyle. No more bad hair days! no more comb overs or toupees. I could go on and on but I wont so lets just stop there. Lets talk about another topic that I love, lets talk about bald related T-Shirts.

Do you need a T-Shirt to tell people that you are bald? no of course not. Do you need a bald related T-Shirt in order to love the bald lifestyle? nope not at all. So what’s the point in wearing these T-Shirts? they are lots of fun to wear! They say I’m bald and I’m not afraid to show it. They also say, I don’t need hair to be happy. I have a whole closet full of T-Shirts with references to being bald and my newest edition is from Notahairmodel.Com. If you haven’t heard of them you should check their website out. They sell their own branded Not A Hair Model t-shirt and also have some other very useful information on shaving products. They are also hosting a St.Baldrick’s event to help fight childhood cancer. I liked their message and website right away when I saw it, but knowing they support St.Baldrick’s makes me like them even more. The Not A Hair Model T-Shirt is a classic pre-shrunk lightweight Tee that’s 100% ringspun cotton. Except for the heather colors that contain 10% polyester. There are several colors and sizes available to fit any ones needs. The Not A Hair Model logo comes in Block, stack and tactical style lettering. I picked the block lettering style T-Shirt in the color black. I waited in anticipation for my package to arrive. Once it arrived on my doorstep I put it on right away, It’s already pre-shrunk so the fit will be about the same before and after it’s washed. I loved the way it fit right away, it felt lightweight and form-fitting across the shoulders and chest. The Tee is tubular knit with no irritating seams running down the side of the shirt. The collar is seamless meaning one piece that’s knitted in a circular pattern. The end of the sleeves and the hem are double needled for better quality. The hem also falls just blow the waist line. This shirt feels and looks like a well made quality T-Shirt.

The block lettering lays centered across the chest. The size of the lettering is perfectly per-portioned to the size and length of the shirt. The graphics felt nice and smooth, not sticky like what you find on some other cheaply made T-Shirts. With a couple of times wearing it, it was time to wash it for the first time. After it came out of the dryer it looked just the same as it did before I washed it. The fit was the same as well, there was no change at all. I’ve washed this Tee several times and it still looks and feels the same as it did the first day I wore it. A tough and rugged shirt that feels lightweight. A quality T-Shirt for our bald community that support the bald lifestyle. This is definitely a shirt and brand I can stand behind and support! The Not A Hair Model T-Shirt is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!


You can find Not A Hair Model on these other social media platforms

(1.) Twitter
(2.) Facebook
(3.) Instagram
(4.) Notahairmodel.Com



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