Colonel Conk Merkur Project

A Classic Shave From Classy Products


I have many shaving products and I like them all for certain reasons. They don’t all function the same but that’s ok because what they offer in the end far out weights what they are lacking in the beginning. I do have some shaving products from certain brands that have been around for a long time. There are reasons why these certain brands have stood the test of time. They have listened to and changed their products to meet the needs and expectations of their customers. They also make sure their products deliver what they offer to the customer. Having a product deliver what it offers earns reliability and I like reliable products. Colonel Conk is one of those brands that exceeds my expectations with every shave. I’ve used Colonel Conk shaving products for several years and I know from past experiences that I’m going to get an exceptional shave every time. I also know that when I use their shaving cream I’m going to get a lot of lather with a lot of cushion for my razor that leads to a comfortable shave. I get excited when I use Colonel Conk products. Why would you not get excited over a comfortable shave! Merkur is a popular brand of safety razors since the 1880’s. Their razors are treasured and loved by some of the most seasoned wet shavers. Merkur still makes their own brand of razor to this day. Merkur makes long and short-handled razors that are either light weight or hefty. They also make razor heads that are open and closed. Last but not least Merkur also makes slant bar razors. Their razors are well made with quality parts and are reasonably priced. Colonel Conk and Merkur are brands that I can definitely stand behind and support. I know you can’t make everyone happy and I’m sure there are shavers that are not big fans of either products but I’m sure there are more lovers than haters.

I recently had the chance to use both products in one review. I was pretty excited, I’ve had good experiences with both brands and using them together could only means positive results. I received in the mail a package from Colconkproducts.Com that contained a jar of Southwestern Sun shaving cream along with the matching aftershave lotion, a bottle of original pre-shave oil, 2 packs of 5 Gillette Silver Blue DE razor blades and one Merkur 37c Slant safety razor. I couldn’t wait to get started and decided to start the project the following night. First things first. It was time to apply the pre-shave oil before the shaving cream. Pre-shave oil always comes first. I like pre-shave oil, especially after a hot shower. The hot water loosens up the pores in your skin. Pre-shave oil helps protect your skin by adding extra glide for your razor decreasing the trauma to your skin caused by shaving. Pre-shave oil usually contains a number of natural ingredients that provide your skin with extra nourishment as well. I massaged a couple of drops of the original pre-shave oil into the skin on my head and face. The consistency of the oil was thick but not thick enough to gunk up my razor during shaving and there was also no greasy residue left behind. The oil felt good on my skin. After a few seconds it was time for the shaving cream.

The Southwestern Sun shaving cream comes in a wide mouth jar with a lid that screws on and off. The wide mouth jar makes it easy to get your brush in there and start building your lather. The Southwestern Sun shaving cream is from their natural line of shaving products. These shaving products are made with more than 99% natural ingredients with less than 1% preservatives to give your product a longer shelf life once it’s opened. The jar that this shaving cream comes in is a dark blue color preserving the integrity of the product since too much exposure to light can break down the natural ingredients used to make this product. I soaked my brush in warm water before using it allowing the bristles to bloom like a flower. Once my brush was ready I started to rotate the brush across the top of the shaving cream creating a thinner lather. The longer the rotations of the brush the thicker the lather got. I added a couple of drop of water to the lather and continued to rotate. It didn’t take long to create a smooth lather that was thick and creamy. The Southwestern Sun shaving cream had a nice citrus aroma that filled the air after I rotated my shave brush a couple of times before applying it to my head and face. The lather clung to the bristles of my brush and spread smoothly across my skin in a nice thick layer that also provided a nice cushion for the new Merkur 37c slant bar razor I was using for the first time tonight.

This was my first experience with a slant bar safety razor. I’ve read a lot of mixed reviews about slant bar razors. Some shavers love them and vice versa but pretty much each review I’ve read have all said a slant razor is worth trying for yourself. I’ve also read a lot of head shaving reviews stating a slant razor is perfect for head shaving because of the slanted bar. I’ve read that it’s a more comfortable shave so I was definitely looking forward to trying the Merkur 37c. I was a little nervous with the first shave. I had never used a slant bar safety razor before so I didn’t know what to expect. Once I had my head lathered it was time to start shaving. The Merkur 37c is a lighter razor with a shorter handle. The head of the razor has a slanted safety bar so the DE blade also shaves in a slanted angle. If you look closer at the head of the 37c you will also notice the slanted safety bar also is more beveled. It curves downward more and the top portion of the head is a little taller and curves backwards as well. This makes the whole head curved and I really think this adds more comfort to your shave. I’ve used short-handled razor before for head shaving and they perform fine but the longer handled safety razors always work better for me with head shaving because there’s more weight with a longer handle. The short handle did not seem to make a big difference when I shaved my head with the 37c for the first time. I had to reposition my fingers a couple of time but that’s not a big deal to me. I was more interested in how the slanted head performed with head shaving. The first shave was very comfortable. It took 3 passes the first time to achieve the baby butt smooth end feel that I want after every head shave. The shave itself was very smooth and comfortable. The razor performed well and I really liked how the slanted razor head shaved. I could feel the DE blade shaving closely to my skin. The head of the slant razor was bigger and more curved in both directions so there was more contact with my skin. The curved head contoured against the my head nicely. I felt very comfortable with the 37c right away. After the third pass was completed I felt around for any patches of forgotten hair and irritation and there was neither, just smooth skin. The second and third night with the Merkur 37c went much faster. I was able to complete a full head shave with the baby butt end feel in two passes instead of three.

Usually with a shorter handled DE razor makes it tougher for me to get the right angles during a head shave. The transitioning from one angle to the next is harder with the shorter handle. That didn’t seem to be a problem with the 37c. I contribute that to the larger slanted head I think it gives the razor more weight. The head feels substantial and safer to use. The slanted bar is at a slightly different angle when I’m shaving the sides of my head in an upward stroke for a closer shave. The angle of the blade is also slightly different when I’m dragging the razor across the sides of my head starting from back to front. The back of my head always takes a little longer to shave since there is more real estate to cover. It usually takes three passes every time. I start shaving from the top working my way down in a thirty degree angle. I then turn my razor upside down and shave upward in a thirty degree angle as well. Then I shave from right to left or left to right also in a thirty degree angle. Over all my initial thought of the Merkur 37c was that it was a very easy razor to use and I would recommend it to anyone that shaves their head or face. The Gillette Silver Blue are one of my favorite blades to use for shaving. The Silver Blues are what I used for my first DE head shave and I’ve been a fan of them ever since. They are aggressive but also have a lot of give. I have not had a bad shave yet with these blades.

I ended my nightly shave routine with the Southwestern Sun aftershave lotion. It came in a dark blue plastic container with pump style lid. Just like the shaving cream the aftershave lotion is also 99% all natural containing less than 1% preservatives to keep your product fresher for a longer period of time. I’ve also had a lot of good experience with the aftershave lotion from Colonel Conk. The consistency was thick and creamy absorbing quickly creating a cool and calming effect. The skin on my head and face felt moisturized, soft and supple all day. What I really like about the aftershave lotions from Colonel Conk is that they do not leave your skin feeling greasy. The Southwestern Sun scent is created by a blend of essential oils that creates a strong but pleasant aroma that quickly disappears so it doesn’t interfere with your choice of cologne for the day or irritate others around you that might be more sensitive to odors and fragrances. So what is my overall impression of the shaving products from Colonel Conk? The pre-shave oil felt nice on my skin and did not clog up my razor once. It added extra glide for my razor to decrease the chances of skin irritation caused from shaving. The Southwestern Sun shaving cream created a nice lather that provided a lot of cushion and the aftershave lotion absorbed quickly leaving my skin feeling moisturized, soft and supple. My first experience with the Merkur 37c slant bar razor was a good one. The slanted DE blade and beveled razor head created a very comfortable shave. The Southwestern Sun Citrus Blend shaving cream and aftershave lotion as well as the Merkur 37c slanted bar safety razor are approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation and all those in between. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day.


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