Heal those Nicks quick and fast with the perfect styptic balm


There are many modes of shaving. Are you a wet shaver? or a cut throat kind of guy? or maybe you don’t get into shaving at all and just want to get the job done and that’s ok because some people just don’t care. There are issues present in any shaving routine no matter how small or big that will always remain a nuisance. Skin irritation is one of them and so is cuts and nicks. You might say it’s the same thing and yes they can be classified under the same heading but they are different. Skin irritation can mean redness, swelling, razor burn or just plain discomfort. Cuts and nicks draw blood to the surface. These cuts and nicks can be minor or serious. I have had both sides of the spectrum and neither side is fun. There are different ways to approach and address these issues. A good pre and post prep shave routine is important. Utilizing items such as pre-shave oil, after shave splash/balm and moisturizers is a good start. These items help rehydrate your skin replenishing the vitamins and nutrients needed for skin repair after the trauma caused from shaving is over with until the next time you shave.

Lets talk about aftercare and maintenance. I’ve always been a big fan of aftershave. I mainly use an alcohol free aftershave to help kill any bacteria that might begin to fester on my skin after I’m done with my nightly shave. Aftershave can also contain ingredients that promote the production of collagen in your skin filling in wrinkles and helping to fight the signs of aging. Last but not least, aftershave helps rehydrate and sooth dry skin. In a nut shell, aftershave just feels great on your skin after shaving, it cools down any warm spots and it just plain feels good. Aftershave can contain ingredients that help maintain the elasticity, pliability as well as the suppleness of your skin. Increasing your skins integrity can also improve your shaving routine as well. Aftershave is an astringent, it constricts pores to slow down bleeding from cuts and nicks caused by your razor.

Glyder is a new brand that’s revolutionizing the styptic pencil making it more easier to use with less mess on your fingers. If you are not sure what a styptic pencil is then let me fill you in before we go any further. A styptic pencil is a hardened pencil-shaped paste containing alum or a styptic agent that comes in all shapes and sizes. What I don’t like about them is that the pencil gets wet and eventually they start to fall apart. Glyder has made some significant changes to performance and functionality of the styptic pencil that you will appreciate every time you use their product. Glyder has a patent pending formula that contains anti-hemorrhagic agents. This formula facilitates platelets which is a connective tissue used in blood clotting to the injured area and helps to plug up the hole decreasing bleeding and swelling. One of the biggest differences between Glyder and other brands of styptic pencil is the consistency. Glyder has taken that hardened pencil and turned it into a softer balm that contains healing agents such as Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Argon Oil. These natural ingredients have a lot of skin care benefits such as soothing dry and irritated skin from shaving, helps to increase the skins elasticity fighting the signs of aging, helps in fighting Acne and psoriasis, contain antioxidant properties, they also reduce water loss from the skin helping to strengthen the skin’s barrier function. Last but not least these natural ingredients nourish, hydrate and restore the skin. There are many reasons why Glyder is good for the health of your skin as well as stopping the bleeding from minor cuts and scrapes.

Glyder has taken its balm consistent patent pending formula and packaged it in a grippable tube that allows the balm to attract and retract just by twisting the tube right or left. The balm retracts pretty easy so you don’t have to put your fingers all over it meaning better hygiene practices. This ultra-grippable tube is no larger than a tube of lip balm so it’s very easy to carry or store in your shaving cabinet. The Glyder styptic balm is very easy to apply. If your nick or cut is very small and round just place it right over the top with slight pressure and turn the tube right and left. If your nick or cut is longer, you can apply it the same way you would apply lip balm. Place the tube over the top of the injury with slight pressure and run the tube across the injured area in a longer stroke. I’m an every day shaver for my head and face so I get quite a few little nicks and cuts along the way. I have used the Glyder styptic balm for several weeks now and it does stop the bleeding almost right away depending on how serious the cut or nick is. One tube of Glyder can last you up to three months depending how often you nick your self. Glyder does have an expiration date of 12 months that starts after you open the tube for the first time. Glyder is meant for use any were on your body that you can get small cuts or nicks. The tube is so small and lightweight that you will forget you are carrying it. I really like how Glyder has taken the styptic pencil and turned it into a balm for every day use. I also like that Glyder is alcohol free so it wont dry out your skin when you use it. I’m definitely using Glyder on all my little nicks and cuts caused by shaving. I have not gotten a chance to use it any were else on my body but I’m sure that time will come soon. Glyder is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation and all those in between. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!


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