Traditions of Shaving with Leza-Shaving


Lets talk about shaving related products that are not soaps or creams, Let’s talk about storage. We get so caught up with soaps and creams that sometimes we forget how we are going to store all of our shaving related gear when it’s not in use. After all, you can’t just leave all of your stuff out in the open right? For one thing it would be messy and unorganized. For two, if you have small children running around I doubt leaving your razors whether safety or straight out in the open would be a good thing. You know how children are, always intrigued by the items that could hurt them the most. How are you going to store your razors to keep little hands and fingers safe while making them readily available to you without searching through your shave cabinet every time you want to use them? Are you a wet shaving fanatic who has a brush in one hand and razor in the other 7 days a week, or, are you just a weekend warrior when you have more time? Either way is fine but my question is what type of bowl or container do you put your lather in during shaving? Do you like to keep your lather warm or cold? If your answer is warm how do you accomplish that? These are all great questions to ask your self and I definitely have an answer for you.

Have you ever heard of Leza-Shaving? Leza is an online store since 2011 located in Kyiv, the capital of the Ukraine. Leza carry’s some of the best shaving products from well known brands at a lower price. They carry a wide variety of shaving products from safety razors to straight razors and yes even cartridge razors. They also carry lotions, soaps, creams and other shaving gear. One of their main objectives is to offer quality products to fit the need of any shaver. Leza shaving can also be found on Etsy.Com as TraditionsofShaving. Their Etsy shop is an extension of their main website. It’s another way to reach shavers of all breeds.

I recently had the luxury of reviewing one of their Handmade Extra Large Ceramic Scuttles and also a 100% BullHide 7 day straight razor wrap. If you like keeping your lather warm during your shaving routine from start to finish than a scuttle from Leza shaving may be just what you are looking for. Have you used a scuttle before? If you are unfamiliar with what a scuttle does then let me fill you in on why so many shavers love to use scuttles on a daily basis. I personally would rather use warm lather for shaving every time. Warm lather on my face and head feels luxurious and once you get that feeling you want it every time you shave. Before I started using a scuttle I made my own, it was easy to do but a little more time consuming and it was harder to keep the warmth of the lather consistent. I got the lather ready in my ceramic shave mug. I then filled a round plastic bowl that was shorter but wider with hot water and placed my shave mug down inside of the water and let it sit for a few minutes to heat up the lather. Seems easy enough right? That’s exactly what I thought until I started using a scuttle and realized how much extra work I was putting into it. The Hand made Extra Large Ceramic Scuttle from Leza Shaving was just what I was looking for.

The Scuttle from Leza Shaving has striations on the bottom of the bowl that creates friction between your brush and lather helping to build lather quickly. The bowl is extra large meaning it can hold a lot of lather. I’m a lather junkie so that suites me perfectly. The scuttle is solid and sturdy the inner reservoir holds up to 15 oz of water. There is a handle on the outside of the bowl for convienience. The whole scuttle has a high polish shine and is very easy to clean. This is a big scuttle which may not be for everyone. Leza Shaving does sell medium sized scuttles on their website but they do not have an inside reservoir for hot water to keep your lather warm. Once you try the extra large scuttle and see how functional it is the size of it wont be an issue. I bloomed my shaving soap for the first night and then started a pre shave lather that I transferred into the scuttle. Once the pre shave lather was transferred into the scuttle it didn’t take long to turn it into a thick and rich shave ready lather because of the striations on the bottom of the bowl. The whole process went rather quickly. From start to finish it took me 2-3 minutes to complete. I then filled the inner reservoir with hot water and let it sit for a minute or two allowing the heat from the water to warm up my bowl and the lather at the same time. Once the lather was warm enough I started applying it to my head. What a feeling! A head shave with warm lather, you just cant beat it!

The first couple of times I used this scuttle I was afraid to use all hot water because I thought it would make the lather more hot than warm and comfortable. That’s not the case here, the ceramic also acts as an insulator as well keeping the lather from getting to warm so you can fill the inner reservoir with all hot water and not worry about burning your skin because the lather will only reach a certain temperature. If you have never used a scuttle and you want to try one, or, if you like to use warm lather every time you shave I urge you to try the extra large scuttle from Leza Shaving, you wont be disappointed. If you have used or are currently using a scuttle than you also must be using a razor right? What kind of razor are you shaving with? If your answer is a straight razor and you have more than one my next question is how are you storing them? If you only have one or two straight razors your storage problem may be very minimal. If you have multiple razor such as 5-7 than a seven day straight razor wrap may be the answer you are looking for.

I’m relatively new to straight razor shaving and I have six razors and number seven coming shortly. The seven day razor wrap was a perfect addition to the scuttle at a perfect time. I don’t have a lot of experience with razor wraps so all I can do is describe the wrap in detail to you. First I want to say that this wrap may outlive me. Bullhide is very strong and durable but can also be soft and pliable at the same time. there’s stitching around the outside of the wrap to prevent any catching or tearing. Located on the inside of the wrap starting from the bottom up you will find seven verticle pockets sewn into the wrap. Each pocket holds your razor tightly in place. The inside of each pocket is nice and soft allowing your razor to slide in with a little force needed to ensure tightness. There is a second piece of bullhide that’s stitched along the top of the inside of the wrap and when it lays flat it covers three quarters of the pocket with the softer side of the leather. This helps keep dust and grime away from your razors. Up in the top right corner of the wrap is a steel ring that allows you to hang it in multiple ways. I put a little hook on the inside of the cupboard door to my shave cabinet so when I use my straight razors the whole wrap can loosely hang open. When I’m done shaving for the night I always thoroughly dry my razor off and wait an hour before wrapping it up to prevent mildew and bacteria from spreading.

Now came the moment of truth. I was very excited about the quality of the wrap so far and how it’s made. The next question is how does it roll. Will it be ackward  and difficult? I had a feeling that the rolling would be ok because of the pliability of the bullhide. What I was concerned about was after the first couple of times seeing stress marks on the outside of the wrap. I’m happy to report that after weeks of rolling and unrolling there has not been any stress marks caused by rolling. This 7 day straight razor wrap rolls up very easily. There is a leather strap located at the end that wraps around and holds it in place. A hole punched in the strap securely fits down onto a peg. If you have not gotten a chance to check out Leza Shaving you should, you may just find something you like or cant live without. The Extra Large Hand Made Ceramic Scuttle and Bullhide 7 Day Straight Razor Wrap is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation and all those in between. Love your Products and you will love the results. Thank You and have a #Baldtastic day!


You can find Leza-Shaving on these other social media platforms.

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