The Bold-Look!

This T-Shirt says it all!!!


Not to long ago I had the privilege and pleasure of getting to know Allan Cox @BaldisBold through Twitter. Allen’s a great guy, His website Bold-Look.Com sells apparel for Bald men. This T-Shirt is black which is my favorite color, it’s thick enough that you know you are wearing it, but yet it’s lightweight so it’s not weighing you down. The Logo is spectacular and captures the essence of the Bald man! There is a second shirt with the same logo but the colors are reversed a black logo on a white T-Shirt. No matter which T-Shirt you choose you’re going to feel Bald and Bold! This T-Shirt by Bold-Look.Com is also well made, I’ve worn this shirt multiple times and it’s been through several washes, It feels the same as the first day that I wore it. The logo hasn’t faded or cracked its Bald Guy tough and rugged yet as smooth as your dome should be when wearing this shirt. With several different t-shirt designs on Bold-Look.Com, you could wear a different t-shirt everyday and support the Bald lifestyle in class on an everyday basis. So if you want one of these T-Shirt for your self head on over to Bold-Look.Com  where you have 2 choices to choose from. The white logo on the black shirt, or, the black logo on the white shirt. While you’re there check out his other selections as well. No matter which selection you choose from your helping him support our Bald community!


You can find Bold-Look.Com on these other social media platform


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