SlyBaldGuys T-Shirt

These T-Shirts have meaning


I’ve been passionately Bald for a while now and ive got to tell you, it just keeps getting better and better. There are more companies now that cater to the Bald lifestyle than ever before. There are so many shaving creams, oils, and razors to choose from that sometimes it can be a difficult decision where you should spend you’re money. Here on I do T-Shirt and product reviews for the everyday Bald man to help him make those difficult decisions on what to buy for shaving, or, trying to decide which Bald related T-Shirt to buy and from what company.

I love T-Shirts, I always have, especially comfortable T-Shirts such as the Bald related T-shirts I have reviewed here on my site. Every review I do, I try to put a lot of heart and soul into. This Review will have that as well. Tyler a BaldGuy himself started back in 2006, @SlyBaldGuys is more of a community of Bald men than a website for Bald men. @SlyBaldGuys and the community of Bald men help other Balding not by choice accept their Baldness and give them the courage to just shave it off and get back to living life to the fullest by living the Bald Lifestyle or the (Sly) look as the website calls it. I’ve been a member of for a while now, I don’t always post on the website but I read a lot of posts by other members and time and time again they are greeted by other Bald men with support and reassurance that help rebuild broken egos by the loss or losing of hair. So when Tyler from @SlyBaldGuys agreed to be apart of my T-Shirt product I knew I was going to be a great experience.

As soon as I received my package from SlyBaldGuys I opened it up and saw not only one T-Shirt but 2! in both white and black, A very nice surprise for during the week. It definitely helped make this Bald guy’s day. As soon as I got my new package opened up I spread out the black T-shirt to take a look at my new @SlyBaldGuys black logo T-Shirt. The @SlyBaldGuys T-Shirt is manufactured by a company called Gildan, I own several shirts from this manufacturer and they all fit nicely. The Gildan brand T-Shirt is not only rugged and sturdy but soft and comfortable against you’re body. They are also pre-shrunk, over all the Gildan brand T-Shirt is a nice fit. The orange and gray Logo is located on the front of the shirt. Like I said before this shirt is rugged, its been through several washing’s and it still looks brand new. So what’s my overall opinion of the SlyBaldGuys logo T-Shirt? It’s a shirt that’s built to last as an everyday T-Shirt for every BaldGuy. This T-Shirt is definitely BaldGuy approved for our BaldNation!


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