Own Your Dome

Own your baldness with Own Your Dome bald wear!


I guess you can say that I can’t get enough of Bald related T-Shirts. I think that wearing Bald related T-shirts or other bald related apparel just lets your Bald pride out every time. Confidence is important especially to a Bald guy. It’s easy to be comfortable with your Baldness when you go Bald by choice (BBC) but not so much when an individual is Bald due to illness or male pattern baldness (MPB) and that’s when Bald pride and strength really counts. Bald pride and strength are not the only attributes that can get you through the day if your Baldness is not by choice. A good support system is vital as well. A good support system can include websites, friends and family as well as Bald related apparel. This is were fantastic websites such as Ownyourdome.com can play a vital role in a person’s life that may be Bald not by choice but by something far worse like illness or Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) for instance.

I found Own Your Dome on social media and checked their website out right away. Own Your Dome sells Bald related apparel with four different statements to choose from. “Own Your Dome”, “Rock Your Bald Self”, “Bald Is Beautiful” and “Naked Underneath” are statements categorized as collections and each collection consists of T-Shirts, Sweatshirts and hats. When I find a website such as that sells all Bald related apparel I just get all warm and fuzzy inside and my inner Bald guy smiles nice and big. Own your dome doesn’t stop there. Their presence on social media is all Bald related as well making their website and social media presence a destination for all Bald individuals to relax and find acceptance for their either inflicted Bald lifestyle or Bald By Choice lifestyle (BBC). No matter which way the Bald lifestyle has touched your life you can rest assured in finding acceptance with Own Your Dome.

Own Your Dome takes their presence and purpose one step further. They have teamed up with St. Baldrick’s and For each sale of their #Baldtastic Bald related apparel, they donate 10% to help fight childhood cancer. Great Bald apparel, a great online presence and a purposeful financial direction makes Own Your Dome even more of a presence online that other Bald individuals will want to stand behind and support!

“Rock Your Bald Self” is one of the collection lines of Bald apparel found on Ownyourdome.com and one of my favorites. Why? because the statement “Rock Your Bald Self” is not only confident building but it also says to others that see this T-Shirt, Hello! I’m Bald and I love it! This T-Shirt just has confidence written all over it and it lets my inner Bald guy out to play every time I wear it. Not only does it let my inner Bald guy out to play, but it also gives me a stiff upper lip as well. If I were to pass a fellow Bald guy out on the street and he was wearing this T-Shirt I would say to myself, now there’s a Bald guy that loves living the Bald lifestyle. My T-Shirt came in black with the block style lettering in white making the statement “Rock Your Bald Self” stand out and say hello to anyone who approached me. The T-Shirt is 100% combed ring-spun cotton high-end jersey fabric that’s already laundered for reduced shrinkage. This T-Shirt from Own Your Dome is comfortable and soft and well made to withstand a lot of abuse. The more I wear this T-Shirt from Own Your Dome the more I love it! It fits perfectly. It’s a T-shirt that just feels right the minute you put it on. Your going to love it, once you try it, I guarantee it!

I also received a sweatshirt as well. The sweatshirt had the statement “Own Your Dome” on the front of the sweatshirt. The sweatshirt itself is a navy coloring and the letters are in a gold color that also follows suite with the block lettering like the T-Shirt. The letter O that’s in the word Dome is in the shape of a Bald guys rounded head. That’s a nice touch. It gives the sweatshirt its own style and Own Your Dome pulls it off nicely. The sweatshirt is 75%cotton/25% polyester Premium ringspun cotton that has Double needle cuffs to help with general wear and tear of every day life. The pocket is a Pouch pocket on the front open at both ends that’s 1×1 fashion rib with spandex. I’ve carried several items in the front pocket of this well made sweatshirt and it holds true to form. The pocket on the front of this sweatshirt is big but not to big that your items will fall out of. This sweatshirt fits the same way as the T-Shirt does. It just fits right, It feels like a good fit the first time you put it on and that is a sweatshirt that I want to wear every day and I know you will to as soon as you try one on for your self.

What are my final thoughts on the Bald related apparel from Ownyourdome.com? The word #Baldtastic comes to mind when I think about this shirt and sweatshirt. Both the T-Shirt and sweatshirt from Own Your Dome fit nicely. They are well made and comfortable. The lettering is big and the color scheme for both T-Shirt and sweatshirt is the right color match to make the statements on the front stand out and easy to read. Both the T-Shirt and sweatshirt from Ownyourdome.com are very soft yet robust. Both the T-Shirt and sweatshirt have been through several cycles of my washer and dryer and are still just as strong and resilient as before the first time they were washed. Robust and resilient just like the Bald lifestyle. I’m confident the T-Shirt and sweatshirt from Ownyourdome.com will stand the test of time. The “Rock Your Bald Self” T-Shirt and “Own Your Dome” sweatshirt from Ownyourdome.com is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day.
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